Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Snow on Snow on Snow

 Funny that my last post was "A Sunny Winter," 
because shortly after I wrote that the weather took a serious turn!
Things started to get pretty intense on the evening of Wednesday the 10.
Ice storm warnings were everywhere and school was cancelled in anticipation.

Sure enough, temperatures plummeted, and we spent the night listening to one of the loudest rainstorms I've ever heard. The thunder was booming and shaking the house and Sam and I spent much of the night on the living room couches--Sam holding Benson, and me holding Elsie.

In the morning, there was ice and hail everywhere.
Tiny icicles were hanging from just about every surface--from every leaf, from the basketball hoop, from the fence...Talmage and Wesley braved the frigid cold and went outside with hammers to enjoy breaking ice off everything!

Unfortunately, we had made plans to leave that day to go out of town for a little vacation, and the ice was throwing a bit of a wrench into our plans.
We did end up going on our vacation, but it was a bit more, um, adventurous than we planned on with the weather!
More on that later.

We came back into town on Saturday night, and Memphis was abuzz with the news that snow that was supposed to dump on us the following week.
Plans were being made for school to be virtual, devices were sent home (the kids' school is an "Apple School," so they all have their own iPads or Macbooks), and we all hunkered down.
On Sunday, just as we were leaving for church, the snow began.
We were elated when it actually was sticking to the ground and the snow did not stop after just a few minutes, like it usually does!
By Monday evening, we had accumulated several inches on the ground.
The weather was COLD (the "feels like" was -10!), and our good winter gear is stored in Utah, so we didn't last very long at all out in the snow, but we did manage to get out a little bit.
Except for Maxwell, who was content to stay inside.
Even though snow is his favorite food.
We discovered that our masks come in very handy to keep our faces warm!
And the boys used a couple of pairs of my boots to keep the snow away from their feet. They actually worked pretty well for them.

The following day was sunny, but no more snow came.
But on Wednesday, about 5 more inches of snow dumped down, giving us a total of about 8 inches of snow on the ground!
That is the most snow Memphis has had in about 40 years!!!
We were so grateful to be able to experience it.

Obviously, the cities just are not equipped to handle that kind of snow, so everything kind of shut down and we all pretty much stayed home while the roads remained covered in snow. There was virtually no traffic down our street, other than the occasional ATV roaring by through the snow.
The kids had two more snow days and then virtual school began and lasted for the remainder of the week.
By Saturday, temps had warmed up to a nice, balmy 34 degrees, so naturally Maxwell donned shorts, a t-shirt, adult-sized gloves, and a tiny baby hat my sister got in Peru and ran out to play.
And then complained when, 30 minutes later, the snow made his fingers "wilt."
Go figure!

Church was cancelled on Sunday since there was still lots of snow and ice on the roads,
and school was virtual again yesterday.

Today the kids finally went back to school and temperatures shot up to the 60s. We had the best time playing outside, having a snowball throwing contest with the little snow that remained in the shady spots.
Sam played basketball with the boys while I made dinner and we all rejoiced in the little taste of spring.

But we thoroughly enjoyed that week of "real" Winter we got to enjoy!
Eating snow (and snow cream!)
Making snow angels
Delivering cinnamon rolls to friends in the twilight while the snow was dumping the heaviest
Sucking on icicles
"Snowcer" (soccer in the snow)
Hot chocolate
Snowball fights
Stunning beauty

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