Monday, February 8, 2021

Ode to Elsie June

 This girl...
we were so unsure about having another baby when we started talking about it about a year and a half ago. Sam said he felt like it might be the final nail in his coffin. We're just so tired!
But neither of us wanted to be done, either.
We stewed over it for several months before we decided it was time to add another to the family.
Little did we know how much this little piece of sunshine would brighten up a dark, dreary time!
She has been such an incredible blessing in our family over the past 3 1/2 months.

Her smiles can make us smile big, genuine smiles even when we are sad or frustrated.

Her cheeks are so perfectly squishy and comforting.

She has the brightest eyes that are exactly the same color as mine.

She is becoming a bit demanding. She seems to just get bored when she is left to her own devices and wants to be on the go, learning and interacting!

She is incredibly social and almost always stares at people over objects.

She has an adorable little giggle but has occasionally belly-laughed, too.

She is our hungriest baby and is already showing a huge interest in solid food. She loves fruit but gave full-body shudders over avocado and mashed potato.

She loves to play with toys and has gotten pretty good control over her hands.
She also loves books and will totally crane her head around to see if I am reading a book to someone.

And she still has the best fan-club. The other day I came out of the bedroom to find Sam and all 5 boys gathered around the swing, where Elsie was sitting, clapping and cheering for her!
Believe it or not, there is actually a baby underneath these boys.

How we love this happy ray of sunshine!


  1. This post makes me so happy! She is completely adorable!

  2. Ahhhh soooo cute!! Can't wait until I get to see her again!


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