Friday, January 22, 2021

COVID for Christmas Part 9: Elsie's Baby Blessing & 12th Anniversary

Sunday the 27th was our 12th anniversary!
I knew we wouldn't be doing much to celebrate the day, but I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to a delicious pancake breakfast made by Sam, a beautiful letter, and the first year of my blog printed into a book!
He is really just so great.

We continued the day with our at-home church meeting,
and that afternoon we blessed Elsie.
I was so excited when I was pregnant with Elsie to realize that our trip to Utah would be the perfect time to bless her. There is something so beautiful to me about seeing a tiny baby surrounded with love and support from family as they begin their journey here on the Earth,
but most of our babies' blessings have not looked like that ideal, as we have generally been far away from family and various church responsibilities fill up the day. (I mean, remember the craziness of Wesley's blessing day?)
So I was a little bit sad that COVID ruined yet another anticipated event.
But nonetheless I put Elsie in her blessing dress and did a photo shoot with her and then Sam gave her a beautiful blessing with family members joining in on Zoom.
Elsie was having a really fussy day, but thankfully she stayed happy during her blessing and we managed to catch a few cute pictures!

After Elsie's blessing, we had dinner and our family home evening lesson.
Then we got all the boys except Talmage settled down for an early bedtime,
and we tuned into a Zoom meeting with my parents and some other family members for a special presentation for Talmage and his cousins.
He and two other boy cousins are the oldest grandkids on my side, and they were all born within 2 months of each other, which means they were all preparing to receive the priesthood!
My dad talked to them about priesthood power and how it differs from worldly power--how priesthood power comes through love instead of fear.
The boys were then presented with new ties to wear the first time they got to pass the sacrament (Talmage's was mailed to us). It was a meaningful discussion and I'm grateful we were able to join in even from a distance.

We sent Talmage to bed right after that, and Sam and I joined the missionaries on a three-way phone call with a new member to talk about tithing. We were able to testify of blessings that have come into our lives through paying our tithing.
We each shared a story from our grad school years when we saw specific blessings that we felt came as a result of paying our tithing. As tough and tight as those grad school years were, I'm so grateful for them and for the constant experiences we had of seeing God's Hand in our lives, providing for us!

That ended our anniversary--a bit anticlimactic, I suppose, but very representative of what the past 12 years have looked like...lots of babies, lots of wonderful experiences with the Gospel, and lots of love along the way.

What more could I ask for?


  1. I have been loving all of these posts! I love being able to feel connected to your family in this way.

  2. These beautiful photos are a good example of what perfection is. Elsie looks like her mommy. The love and pride you have for her shines in yours and Sam's eyes. These need to hang on the wall in your home.


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