Wednesday, January 20, 2021

COVID for Christmas Part 8: Making Bowls

Are you getting tired of these "COVID for Christmas" posts yet?
I've still got a handful of them...someday maybe I'll actually be caught up with blogging.
We spent most of the day after Christmas continuing to play with new gifts.
After Maxwell and Benson were down for naps, I got out our big activity for the day.

After I posted on Facebook, asking for fun ideas of things to do during our quarantine,
the kids' teacher arranged for her son (who owns a pottery studio in Memphis) to put together an at-home pottery kit for us! I purchased it and she kindly delivered the kit to our doorstep.
I presented it to the family on Christmas morning, and the following day we got to work making our bowls.

The kit included clay for everyone and tools from the shop.
After we finished making the bowls, we would choose glaze colors and deliver the bowls and tools back to his shop, where they would be fired.
It was incredibly nice of them to arrange all of this for us, and we had a great time making our bowls!
Micah (the studio owner) even had a video tutorial online that we could access that showed us the proper technique to make the bowls and roll out the coils evenly.

We're excited to get our bowls back!

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  1. I love your sharing of your Covid Christmas activities! Such a good way to make a sad situation more tolerable.


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