Sunday, January 10, 2021

COVID for Christmas Part 2: Christmas Rolls and a Zoom Concert

 On Sunday morning, December 20, we got ready and recorded our Primary singing time video.
As the Primary music chorister, I have become an accidental YouTuber, as I have been asked to record a singing time each week and post in on YouTube for the Primary to watch. It has been a challenge for me to figure out activities that are engaging for the kids to watch and participate in from home...not to mention putting me out of my comfort zone by talking and singing to my phone every week without a live audience. I'm grateful my boys are such good sports to help me out with singing time every week because without them it would be far more awkward.

Then we watched our church meetings on Zoom.
Although the ward was meeting in-person, they had a Zoom link set up for those who are not able to attend in person to use to watch remotely (they've since stopped meeting in-person again because COVID numbers got too high in our area).
Sam had actually been asked to give one of the Christmas talks, and I was supposed to accompany the musical number, but we had to make abrupt changes after we were quarantined. It was nice to be able to watch the Christmas meeting from home, though!

After Church we did our usual Sunday afternoon activities...
lunch, Primary, naps for the little ones, and the like.
I snapped a few pictures of this little lovely because her little Sunday outfits just make me so happy.
My grandparents got this sheepskin rug on their mission to Scotland back in the early 90s. I grew up reading the Sunday funnies while sprawled on it during our visits to their home. I was so happy to inherit the rug recently, and Elsie loves sprawling on it just as much!

I also worked on compiling a video montage of the Primary kids singing "Picture a Christmas."
I had asked parents to send me a recording of their kids singing the song, and then I recorded a piano music voiceover to go in the background with their singing. The video went through the different families as they sang a line of the song. The end result definitely wasn't perfect, but I hope people enjoyed seeing it as a substitute for the usual Primary musical number that would have been done in Sacrament Meeting.
I especially hope the Primary kids enjoyed seeing each other and felt a sense of connection as they sang the song together, in a sense.
We also recorded a musical number for Breanne's Christmas story musical program she was doing over Zoom that evening.

In the early evening, I whipped up some bread dough and gave everyone a chunk.
We put Breanne's Zoom musical program on next to the table, and while we watched and listened to the beautiful musical numbers, we made Christmas tree rolls. The boys enjoyed using their creativity to make different kinds of trees!
We ate the yummy rolls for dinner after they came out of the oven.

All in all, it was a happy Christmas Sunday.
Here is the musical number we did!

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  1. Elsie is SO darling, and the musical number is beautiful!


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