Monday, January 25, 2021

COVID for Christmas Part 12: New Year's Eve

 New Year's Eve is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays!
I was so excited to celebrate at home with our family, as our kids are getting old enough to be a lot of fun to play games and ring in the new year with.
We started the evening's festivities by unveiling our New Year's family highlight video of 2020.
Sam set up the projector and we watched it on the living room wall.
Watching our memories together filled us with so much joy and gratitude. I have watched the video almost every day since then...sometimes it feels like the kids argue all day long and Sam and I are spending our lives cleaning up after them, but watching that movie reminds me exactly why I've always wanted to have a large family and the amazing opportunities we have together. It's a boost every single time, and it's become one of my very favorite traditions.
After that fun beginning, we put out a fondue spread for dinner...cheese fondue and chocolate fondue with lots of dipping options! We also included some pizza, per the kids' request.
We snacked on fondue all evening.

After dinner, we had the kids get ready for bed and then we put on a movie for the little ones while Talmage, Wesley, and Lincoln played games with Sam and I until midnight. Lincoln bounced back and forth between the games and the movies, and Benson surprised me by lasting all the way until 11:30 pm! Lincoln was done in at that point, too, and he was so happy to go to bed. But Maxwell, Wesley, and Talmage pressed on until midnight!
Talmage had just learned about a Danish tradition of jumping off a chair to "jump into the new year" at midnight, so at 11:59, Sam, Talmage, and I all climbed on chairs and as soon as my phone changed we jumped into the new year. I loved the idea!

And that concludes our "COVID for Christmas" series. I genuinely hope that our boys will look back on this time with fondness and a desire to always make the best of their circumstances, especially in the face of disappointment.

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