Sunday, January 24, 2021

COVID for Christmas Part 11: Snowball Fight and Sledding

On Tuesday, I got up to Talmage happily handing me this checklist.

He and the other boys had gotten themselves and the little ones ready and done all their chores without any prodding from me--it was such a welcome surprise!
We had a pretty laid back day and I did a lot of catching up from all of our celebrations.
After dinner, we pulled out our set of about 40 stuffed snowballs and had a free-for-all snowball fight together. It was pretty intense!

But Wednesday's activity was even more so.
I duct taped cardboard boxes all the way down the stairs, hauled our big LoveSac out of the playroom and put it at the bottom of the stairs, and then we took turns "sledding" down the stairs in a sleeping bag.
It's crazy how much more terrifying it is to do things like this as an adult than it was as a kid.
I guess I just don't bounce when dropped quite the way I used to!
This was such a fun activity, though, and almost made up for missed sledding opportunities.

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