Monday, December 21, 2020

Spelling Bee

Talmage was so excited when he won his class spelling bee, thereby qualifying for the school spelling bee!
The big day came and he nervously put on the shirt he had to wear to participate and headed out the door to school. I had been told I would be able to watch the proceedings over Zoom since we weren't allowed to watch in person due to COVID restrictions, but was disappointed to learn later that morning that I would simply be sent a recording of the spelling bee.

I spent the day feeling a bit anxious for him--wondering how it went and whether he was happy with the outcome.
Just before I left to pick the kids up from school, I saw that I had missed a call just a few minutes previously. I listened to the voicemail and heard Talmage's voice quietly, calmly say, "I won the spelling bee."
I was so excited!!

I started gushing and asking questions as soon as he got into the car and he excitedly gave me a play-by-play. I explained that I had felt sad that I couldn't be there because I felt that if he got out he just needed his mom to give him a smile and a thumbs up and provide what little comfort I could from a lunch table in the cafeteria, and then I said, "But you didn't need me!"
He smiled a little and said, "I still needed you."

And my heart broke just a little.

When we finally got the recording, I watched him spell the winning word and then, even as they congratulated him and announced that he won the spelling bee, saw him turn and give a big thumbs up to the girl who had gotten second place.
He got a Barnes & Noble gift card and some treats, and he gets to advance to the next level (provided he passes a preliminary test in January)! He is excited and nervous, and I am hoping I somehow get to watch in-person this time and give that big thumbs up one way or the other,
just like a mom is there to do.

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