Thursday, December 10, 2020

Play-Doh Mornings

Life is downright crazy these days.
I feel pulled in so many directions, especially at this time of year.

Family gifts to plan and purchase,
travel to prepare for,
school and church angel tree items to gather,
teacher gifts to arrange,
 traditions to carry out and enjoy,
meals to prepare and deliver,
neighbor and friend gifts to make and deliver,
school party supplies to send in,
Christmas cards to prepare and mail out,
performances to practice,
and on...and on...and on.

It's little wonder that I love January after the rush of December, but it's a rush I love! I genuinely enjoy getting to do so much each year to remember and honor my Savior through expressions of love to the people around me.

But sometimes, when things slow down and the "all is calm" part of the Christmas season descends upon the house, it is extra appreciated. I'm grateful for these little ones that help me slow down and live in the moment a little more.
Play-Doh mornings with a sleeping babe in my lap breathe life into my soul,
however mundane it may be.

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