Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The Luckiest Girls

The boys were SO ecstatic to welcome Elsie into our family.
They are constantly melting my heart with the things they do and say to her.

-Maxwell pausing to shower her with kisses just about every time he passes by and crying because he never wants her to grow up at all.

-Wesley greeting her with "How's my cute girl?" or "Are you my girl?" (I seriously can't get over this one...gets me every time!)

-Lincoln continually stating that she's the cutest baby in the world. That tenderhearted boy has also teared up on two different occasions while holding her because he just thinks she is so adorable and he loves her so much!

-Talmage begging me to e-mail pictures to teachers at school and then, after I sent pictures with him in his backpack to show, bringing home almost daily reports of comments different teachers have made. He is so proud of her.

-Benson spontaneously singing "You are my Sunshine" to her. Normally he mixes up the words on purpose to be silly, but he actually sang it the right way just for her!

-When we opened the door after arriving home from the hospital and Maxwell greeted Elsie with a big, "Elsie Junior!" He got mixed up with her middle name (June), but the nickname "Junior" stuck quickly. For the first couple of weeks Benson would forget her name and call her "Baby Junior." Sam still tacks "Junior" onto her name, and it very well may be a nickname for life.

-The way Wesley grabbed his camera and started snapping pictures of Elsie alongside me when I was working on her newborn pictures. He LOVED those pictures he took. A few days later, someone mistakenly deleted all the pictures on his camera. He was so devastated to lose his pictures of Elsie that it just broke my heart! I told him we would set up newborn pictures again and let him do another photo shoot.

-The way Maxwell gets so into her clothes and bows. A few days after she was born, he peeked into her cradle and saw her swaddled with just a small piece of her shirt poking out. He looked up at me and said soberly, "I can see she has on a beautiful shirt."

-Talmage and Wesley joyfully cradling her at Church.

-Benson holding her and then rubbing his nose against her head while softly saying, "I lub you so bery much!"

-Finding a picture shoved under my bedroom door in the morning that Lincoln drew, complete with "I love you Elsie" written across the top.

-Maxwell praying and saying, "Thank thee that the new baby came, and that she's the cutest one in our family, and that all her noises are so cute," (while meanwhile she was screaming in the other room).

Seriously, if they keep all this up as she grows she is going to be the most spoiled, doted on little princess there ever was.
Between these sweet boys and their incredible daddy, I think she and I are the luckiest girls.
I begged a photo shoot out of them all, and I just can't get enough of these pictures.

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  1. I have to say, these are the most beautiful, heart bursting pictures ever!!!! The love and adoration the boys have for their sister overwhelms my heart.


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