Wednesday, September 2, 2020


I've had sick kids home this week.
They just seem to have mild colds and usually I wouldn't think much of sending them to school with the sniffles, but with this weird year it doesn't feel right to hand them off to their teachers while they are coughing and sneezing.
And so I'm left with another COVID dilemma--what is the new threshold for kids' sickness?
Am I going to be keeping my kids home for half the winter?
If that's the case, I should probably throw the towel in now and just start homeschooling...
we shall see how things progress.

Speaking of progress, today I had a doctor's appointment and as my doctor was feeling my tummy she said, "You are way bigger than anyone gives you credit for!" She told me that I am measuring big (I'm 34.5 weeks and she said I'm measuring 36-37 weeks) and that she thinks this baby is going to be one of our bigger ones. All of the doctors' estimates in the past have been well under what our babies have ended up being, so it will be interesting to see if she has a better feel for it or not. Maybe this will end up being a little one--wouldn't that be ironic?

I guess we will get a better idea in the next couple of weeks.
My sweet neighbor texted me the other day because her husband's company (he is an engineer for ultrasound equipment) was going to be testing some new software for 3D ultrasounds and they needed some pregnant women to come in for free ultrasounds to test it! I jumped at the chance--I only had 3D ultrasounds with Wesley and Lincoln (because my doctor's office did it by default) but it was SO fun and amazing to see. I am so excited!
The following week we will have an ultrasound in my doctor's office to check the baby's size and position so that should give us a more official idea of how things are looking.

Now I'm off to go start on Lincoln's birthday cake.
Stay tuned to see what he requested--it was very random and unexpected.

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