Monday, September 28, 2020

Biking Along the Mississippi

Our lovely, Fall-ish, overcast weather continued all week!
On Saturday it was cool and cloudy and the perfect day for a bike ride.
Bike riding has gotten to be pretty uncomfortable for me--I no longer take my turn with the bike trailer, leaving it completely to Sam. And my bike requires me to bend over too far for my 9-months pregnant tummy, so I use Sam's (which is much bigger and allows me to sit upright more) and he has to plug along on my bike which is way too small for him. Not to mention some of the physical pain that is exacerbated by bouncing along on a bike seat.
But we both agree that it's still totally worth it.
And this may well have been our last big bike ride before the baby arrives, and then it will be a while before we are back to full family bike rides again!

We hit the road kind of late in the morning, so the boys were all suddenly STARVING as we headed into Memphis. Before we were even a few miles from our house, our granola bar supply had been almost completely depleted and a big dent had been made in the water supply.
Sam wisely pulled into a Sonic parking lot and ordered lunch for everyone.
Avoiding hunger-induced meltdowns is one of the top cardinal rules for having successful outings with lots of young kids!

We crossed the bridge to Mud Island and unloaded the bikes next to the trail that goes right along the Mississippi River.
There is always something so magical about the mighty Mississippi--something I have been struck by since seeing it in Nauvoo as a teenager. It never gets old!
Riding along the banks of the river was perfect--especially once we got past the first congested mile of the trail and we were no longer navigating around lots of other people. The breeze was blowing and it was perfectly gorgeous.
There was a huge, empty parking lot 10 or 20 vertical feet below the trail, so we stopped on the way back and let the boys ride around freely. The road leading down to the parking lot was fairly steep, and they had SO much fun zooming down the hill and riding big circles around the lot.
Talmage got going super fast and then braked at the bottom and was unfortunately flung off his bike pretty hard. He ended up with some decent scrapes and bruises, but he shrugged it off and was super tough about it all.

We have loved having our new Velocirax bike rack!
It fits 7 bikes (although we only have 5 loaded on it here) and it is extremely solid.
There are hydraulic dampers on it that make it so we can lower the rack to open the trunk with one easy pull of a lever.
The bikes hook on so easily that it only takes a few minutes to load on all 5 bikes.
And when we're not using it, it conveniently hooks on the garage wall for storage.
I balked a little at first when Sam suggested we invest in a more hefty bike rack for our bike rides, because they aren't cheap. But it's proving to be worth every penny and allows us to get out and explore different bike paths around Memphis much more easily!
Sam even saw a car pull up behind us at a red light and the driver pulled out his phone and took a picture of our rack. Gotta love these Utah companies that know how to cater to big families!
(Big thanks to my brother Corban for the recommendation!!)

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