Thursday, September 3, 2020

Animal Picnic

I can't really call it a "teddy bear picnic" because most of the animals they brought weren't actually bears.
But a while back the boys put together this picnic feast and hauled in bunches of stuffed animals to participate.

Things to note:
-candles (unlit)
-animals in the cereal container
-smears of peanut butter on the plastic hedgehog (apparently the hedgehog had a fondness for peanut butter)
-taquitos--Talmage's favorite lunch

Talmage is almost 11, and I know these days are numbered, with the boys all gathered together doing cute little kid stuff. He is so good to play along with the younger ones, but I imagine that soon our days will be filled with sports practices, music performances, or other extra-curricular activities and these simpler times of all the kids having teddy bear picnics together will be just a memory.
I'm trying to enjoy it while it lasts...
even if it means scrubbing peanut butter off a plastic hedgehog.

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