Thursday, September 17, 2020

37 Weeks

 Today I had a doctor's appointment.
They did an ultrasound to verify that the baby is head down, check the fluid level, and get a feel for the baby's size. According to the ultrasound measurements, she is currently 7 lbs, 4 oz and I am 36 weeks, 5 days along. The funny thing is that Lincoln was measuring 7 lbs, 4 oz as well when I was 37 weeks along with him! He was 9 lbs, 3 oz at birth (1 day past due date), so it's looking like she'll probably be somewhere in the neighborhood of 9 lbs when she is born.
Maxwell accompanied me to my appointment today and when I was wrapped in the sheet in the exam room, he laughed and said, "You kind of look like an Egyptian!"
I am 3 cm dilated, but that probably doesn't really mean much. I tend to dilate early and still go late.

Last week I got to go in and help test some new software at the ultrasound company my neighbor works for. They caught a couple of 3D images of baby girl's face, which were really fun to see! 
As we picked apart her facial features, we were laughing about how much information we were trying to glean from these pictures and Sam joked that we could even tell her blood type and the name of the person she would marry from these pictures.
In all seriousness, we pored over the pictures for a good 15 or 20 minutes, comparing them to the 3D images I have of Lincoln at 37 weeks and comparing them to newborn pictures of the others.
We concluded that she probably looks the most like Maxwell (those cute, big lips!), but maybe with a nose that is more similar to Wesley's. So if she comes out looking like an Olmec statue like Maxwell did, we don't need to be alarmed...I think a girl version of Maxwell would be adorable. :)

This picture amazes me, because her foot nestled up into her chin looks so real!
That foot has given me a lot of grief. She pokes it into my side SO hard and then slides it up or down my side, causing me to visibly jump and press her foot back in. Now I understand looks like it's giving her a bit of grief, too. I'm sure it doesn't feel great to have your foot tucked under your chin in the womb.

Lincoln refuses to look at those pictures. Due to the orange coloring they used, he thinks they look really gross and, in his words, "they look like a pile of Bagel Bites!"
Hopefully no one is too grossed out by them!

I also saw a hematologist on Tuesday. After my last CBC at my OB/GYN, they saw that my hemoglobin was getting higher but not as fast as they hoped it would for delivery and also that my platelet count had abruptly dropped. So I was referred to a hematologist to talk about a possible iron infusion and/or platelet transfusion.
I switched the iron supplements I was taking to a plant-based supplement called "Gentle Iron," which I had taken in the past. It doesn't cause the same GI issues standard iron supplements cause and it is supposedly absorbed better. Amazingly, after just 2 weeks on Gentle Iron my hemoglobin had risen so much that I am barely anemic anymore! So the only remaining issue was the platelets.
To make a long story short, the hematologist recommended that I be induced as early as they were willing to do it (as platelet levels tend to drop further as pregnancy goes on) and get a platelet transfusion beforehand (it only boosts your platelets for 12 hours).
But after discussing the reasoning behind it with him, it didn't seem it was medically necessary at all. He said that the ability of the blood to clot didn't really become affected unless I drop below 50 (I am currently 112) and that I couldn't get an epidural if I drop below 70 (I am hoping and planning for another unmedicated birth). But they are going to be doing weekly blood draws to monitor the level, so I feel we can avoid early induction unless my platelets are dropping a lot, which seems unlikely--I also had this issue with Maxwell and my platelet count leveled off, and they also haven't dropped at all in 2 weeks.

In other news, the boys are SO excited.
They gush about the way I am setting up the nursery (they have learned very well from their Daddy how to properly gush over my projects!). They fawn over her clothes and other baby supplies. They talk about how excited they are to hold her and to have another baby in the house with a binky...somehow the binky is extra adorable to some of them! Maxwell sorts through her hair bows (which he calls bowties) and exclaims over them in the cutest ways: "Ohh, Mom, this one is SO beautiful. Oh, look how tiny this one is! Wow, how did the sparkles get on this one??"
They love hugging and rubbing my tummy and feeling her hiccup. They often ask me how the baby is doing and whether she is moving. The older boys try to do what they can to get me to rest and help me feel comfortable. And their prayers for the baby are adorable.
Tonight Maxwell prayed, "Thank thee that it will be so cute when the baby has a binky in her mouth that will not make her cry. And thank thee that I will get the color binky that she wants. And thank thee that she has a brand new cute white lamb towel."
Seeing how much these boys already adore their baby sister just melts my heart.
She is going to be one lucky girl with all these doting big brothers.
And possibly really, really spoiled...

My doctor was doing a delivery today, so I saw a nurse practitioner I hadn't seen before instead. When she walked in she asked sincerely, "Are you in any pain?" I kind of laughed and said, "Well, this is the third trimester with my sixth baby, so...I'm in a lot of pain! But nothing unusual..." There has definitely been a lot of pain over the past couple of months, especially. It is a constant companion, except when I am in warm water. But last night I told Sam, "My body is screaming at me that this is our last baby, but then I see our other kids' baby pictures and I think, 'How can I ever willingly leave this stage behind?!?'"
Goodness, I just love babies SO so much.

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  1. Those 3D ultrasound pictures are so cute! I think it's very sweet how excited the boys are to meet her. I'm excited to meet her, too!


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