Tuesday, August 4, 2020

The Rest of Meeman-Shelby

Sometimes I've sort of wished that I had a personal photographer to follow my family around, snapping pictures of our everyday moments.
When Breanne is here, that's kind of what we get!
I'm grateful for all the pictures she has taken of our adventures over the last few weeks.
I finally grabbed them off her phone and camera, so here are a few more of our excursion to Meeman-Shelby forest!
Mostly of Benson swinging, because baby swinging faces are just the best.
He wasn't so happy an hour or so later when he tripped on the trail and fell into some poisonous plants and welts sprang up on his legs. Poor boy! Good thing Breanne had just taken a wilderness survival course--with her quick thinking we washed the poison away almost immediately and the welts were very short-lived!

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