Thursday, August 13, 2020

Our First Overnight Getaway

Sam and Kaitlyn spent a kid-free night away just for fun?
After almost 12 years of marriage?
And almost 6 kids?
It actually happened???

Breanne was determined to give us a night away while she was here.
The idea sounded nice to me, but this isn't exactly the ideal time for fun getaways.
What would we do? Where would we stay?
But she kept pushing and encouraging and reassuring me, even finding Airbnb listings that might be nice and sending them to me.
Time was ticking and she only had one weekend left in town when I finally agreed and started making plans for that weekend.
But because I was taking action so late, almost anything reasonably nice-looking within 2 hours of Memphis was booked and prospects weren't looking good.

I said a prayer about it and immediately inspiration struck.
I called Village Creek State Park and asked about their cabin rentals.
I had seen information about them in the past and knew they had just been remodeled and were very reasonably priced. And they had one cabin left for that weekend!
I booked it with my heart racing, hoping everything would work out. I hadn't told Sam I was doing it, so it would be a surprise!

I arranged to go on a date with Sam on Friday night and, after he finished his work, I asked, "Are you ready for our date? A 22 hour date?"
He wasn't caught totally blindsided (he can read me too well!) but he was really excited and we immediately packed our things, threw our bikes in the car, and headed out the door.
We stopped at Tazikis to pick up dinner and sat in an empty school parking lot to eat before leaving Memphis.

I pulled up the 36 questions--it had been a few years since we had worked on them, and we only ever made it about halfway through. They always stimulate such interesting conversation, and I love the way they open the door to deep, expansive thoughts. I think we only made it through 5 of the questions, even with 5-6 hours of driving during our getaway!

We arrived at our cabin after dark and were amazed at the nice accommodations!
Village Creek is a quiet, lesser-known state park but it is one of my favorite hidden gems. Ridiculously cheap canoe and kayak rentals, swimming beaches, hiking and biking paths, playgrounds and tennis courts, deer by the dozen, and now amazing, sparkling clean cabins!
It was so quiet and peaceful. We loved the enclosed porch area too, that looked out onto a picnic table and firepit. The cabins are spread far apart, so it felt very secluded like we had our own hideaway nestled deep in the woods.
We definitely want to return soon with the kids--it's a 3-bedroom cabin, so there is plenty of space for our whole family!

The next morning we ate breakfast that we had packed, drove around the park a little, and then decided to drive down to the Delta Heritage Trail, which we had been wanting to check out.
It's an amazing bike path (part of the rails-to-trails movement) that currently spans over 40 miles but will eventually be 84.5 miles long!
We picked up Subway for lunch in a tiny town on the way and then parked and unloaded our gear.
In spite of it being such a treasure, there were essentially NO other people on the trail the whole time we were riding (we saw two other bikers about a quarter mile away, but they turned around before we ever encountered them, and that was it!). So we just rode side by side, leisurely chatting and enjoying the beautiful scenery.
Sam almost rode his bike over a huge snake like 5 feet long because it looked like a stick on the trail!

After our ride, we loaded up and headed back to Memphis where we were met by 5 excited boys who had barely even noticed we had been gone. It was a perfect little getaway, and I can't thank Breanne enough for pushing us to go and generously watching all the kids!
Hopefully it doesn't take another 12 years before we get away together again. :)


  1. Wow, it is gorgeous! I'm glad everything worked out so perfectly.

  2. How wonderful for the both of you! That is one beautiful cabin. Kaitlyn, you are glowing. Maybe it's carrying a girl or just because you're so happy. You really are a beautiful woman, inside and out. I love you all and miss you like crazy.


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