Monday, August 10, 2020

A Summer of Swimming

One of the things the kids were the saddest about as the summer began was the fact that it wasn't looking like we'd be able to swim. Their usual swim teacher was not in town for the summer, we weren't getting together with friends who have pools, and other offerings for swim opportunities were almost all closed.

Fortunately, though, we had some significant changes in plans that made it so that I think our kids have spent more time swimming this summer than ever before!
In addition to finding a swimming teacher that afforded them two weeks in the pool,
Breanne came to the rescue with her Airbnb rentals.
She spent the first week and a half at our house, but then she needed a quiet place to start her business school classes (via Zoom), so she decided to get Airbnbs for the next 3 weeks while spending the weekends at our house.
She was SO kind to find ones with pools and check before booking that her 5 nephews would be allowed to come swim!
It made for a pretty amazing few weeks.

The boys made SOO much progress with their swimming. Talmage and Wesley were already very comfortable in the water, but Lincoln, Maxwell, and Benson progressed in leaps and bounds.
Lincoln has had several years of lessons, but, although he knows all the technique to swimming, he hated being in deep water and had major panic about keeping his face in the water for more than a few seconds. He is still using a small tube for security, but he will now willingly jump into the deep end, jump off the diving board, and swim around with his face in the water. I'm sure it won't be long before he abandons the tube!
Maxwell went from major anxiety even just sitting in the water to now swimming all over the pool with a puddle jumper on and willingly challenging himself to put his face in the water for longer periods in addition to learning kicking and arm technique.
And Benson went from almost no water exposure to swimming around the pool himself with a puddle jumper on as well! He doesn't seem to mind the water in his face at all, really.

A few snapshots from our summer swimming fun:

(We got rained out one day, so the kids huddled in Breanne's super cute little studio apartment and watched a show while we waited to see if the rain would stop.)

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  1. Great job boys!! They look like naturals in the water.


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