Wednesday, August 5, 2020

30 Weeks

30 weeks along, and time is crawling by s-l-o-w-l-y.
I'm not sure why (probably heavily influenced by COVID), but I have had such a hard time being patient through this pregnancy.
I am just so anxious to meet this little girl and have a newborn to cuddle again!

Main updates:

-My ice craving shot through the roof. The Sonic ice is so much easier on my teeth, so I went to buy some bags of it. But to my dismay, I learned that the Sonic locations around here don't sell their ice! In desperation, I posted on the ward Facebook page to see if anyone knew where I could buy Sonic ice. I had a number of helpful commenters--one offering me the use of her snowcone machine, another telling me that her husband's tow-truck dispatch office had an ice machine that made pebble ice and I could go get bags of it from them...and then one woman saved the day when she commented that Chick-fil-a sells their ice. Of course Chick-fil-a would come to the rescue! I quickly stopped by Chick-fil-a and, sure enough, they provided me with some glorious bags of delicious pebble ice. I'm devouring bag after bag of it, and several of my boys have developed an ice-eating habit now, too. They flock around me when I am chowing down on a cup of ice to beg pieces from me.

-That insatiable ice craving was a tell-tale sign to me that my anemia had gotten pretty bad. My ulcerative colitis causes internal bleeding and GI issues which can be exacerbated by iron supplements, so it leaves me in a bit of a catch-22. Do I want to treat the blood loss and thereby cause increased blood loss? I was riding it out for a while, but a blood test confirmed that my hemoglobin level had dropped to 7.8, which is getting to a pretty scary level (if I drop below 7, baby is at risk for a lot of problems including cognitive and behavioral problems that last into adulthood). So it was clearly time to intervene. My doctor prescribed some iron supplements and, although they cause significant nausea, so far they haven't increased the internal bleeding. Hooray!

-Another benefit from the supplements is that they help me with my breathlessness. I had gotten so weak and breathless that the smallest exertions left me gasping for air. I had to get ready in phases--I would shower, then sit down on the floor and catch my breath, then get dressed, then sit down and rest, then comb my hair, then sit down and rest. It made doing much of anything rather difficult and exhausting. Since starting on the iron, I have not felt so breathless and I have a little more energy.

-Baby girl moves quite a bit in the evening, as I am trying to go to sleep, but her movements seem different to me than the boys' have. It's hard to remember exactly, but theirs seemed more hard and sudden, like a big kick, while hers are more constant, gentle, and tickly. I find it harder to sleep through than the hard kicks, but it is so cute to imagine her in there moving her little hands and feet around as she hiccups.

-In spite of plenty of sleeping troubles, my insomnia has improved drastically! I have been so grateful to be able to sleep again at night, regardless of how interrupted it may be.

-At my last appointment, my doctor (who is fabulous!) told me that there was a study in which the mother's estimate of baby size (after having at least 1 baby) was found to be more accurate than both ultrasound and obstetrician assessment! That is crazy to me--I feel like I have no idea, and I have looked pretty much exactly the same size with all 5 of my previous pregnancies, with babies ranging from 7 lbs, 7 oz to 10 lbs, 2 oz! But her point was that she feels it is extremely important to listen to the mother about any concerns she has about the baby or the pregnancy, because the mother is the one who knows her body! I love her philosophy about the role of a doctor as an advisor instead of a dictator, and also her energy and enthusiasm. At my first appointment she said, "I'm so excited! We're going to have fun!" She makes me look forward to the delivery!

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