Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Harry Potter Feast

Sam has been reading the Harry Potter series for the first time this year.
He is currently reading the 7th book and has loved them!
It has been SO much fun to discuss them with him. It's almost been like I've been reading them for the first time all over again as he expresses his thought process with the different twists and turns in the books.
In light of that, I thought it would be fun to have a Harry Potter feast for his birthday!

In preparation, I read aloud the first Harry Potter book to the kids so they would all have a working knowledge of the different elements we would use. (Talmage has read them but because of the social dynamic and some of the things that happen in the later books, I make my kids wait until they're 10 to read them all.)
Initially, I planned on playing a modified version of Quidditch, playing "Beanboozled," making wands, and more in addition to the feast. But it ended up that his birthday fell right before his huge grant deadline and it just wasn't going to work to take a full afternoon to celebrate with him.
So we did a smaller birthday celebration and postponed the Harry Potter party until the Saturday before Father's Day, and then we ended up doing just the feast+some themed presents, but it was a lot of fun regardless!

I took foods that were specifically mentioned in Harry Potter (especially the big back to school feast).
On the menu:
-rotisserie chicken
-roasted potatoes
-savory pumpkin pasties (recipe here)
-french bread (not actually mentioned in the books, but a good addition to the feast)
-golden snitches (the boys made wings and glued them to Ferrero Rocher balls-an idea I saw online)
-chocolate frogs (mold here)
-cauldron cakes (recipe here)
-butter beer (recipe here)
-pumpkin juice (recipe here)

I bought some cheap pairs of Harry Potter glasses for each of us, and I got the fun goblets at the dollar store--they are surprisingly really heavy-duty!
When we got everything set up, it made for quite a fun spread.

The plate of desserts was a hit with the kids.
Talmage made chocolate frog cards for different witches and wizards that were placed under the dessert plates.

Talmage cleverly made an owl delivering a Happy Father's Day note to Sam and put it by his plate.

Talmage, Wesley, and Lincoln all worked on decorations that they hung around the dining room.
(A flag representing the four Hogwarts houses)

(A dementor)

The Mirror of Erised--Talmage drew our entire family being together in it, including the new baby, because that is what makes him happiest. Heart eyes!

And there were some illustrations of different spells as well.

Benson sat down and dove into his chocolate frog before we even said the prayer.

These boys had SO much fun helping me get everything ready and enjoying the feast!
I think the butter beer was the crowd favorite.

After the feast, we gave Sam some Father's Day presents--two Harry Potter games (Hogwarts Battle and Beanboozled). We tried out Hogwarts Battle for our date the following Friday, and it was a lot of fun! Talmage and Wesley loved playing it with Sam later on, too. Poor Lincoln couldn't handle the suspense again, just like with Pandemic.
This was such a fun celebration!


  1. How fun is this?!?! I always admire your creativity!

  2. This is so cool! I love the glasses, and I can't get over the picture of Maxwell drinking pumpkin juice--everything about it makes me smile. I am impressed by yours and the boys' effort in putting it all together!


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