Thursday, July 2, 2020

Random Smiles

-Last week we were on the freeway, driving home from swimming lessons, when a car passed by us with a man sitting on top of the car. On the freeway! He was waving his arms around and then he took his shirt off and threw it. I decided to report it, and after my phone call the boys were very concerned and we started talking about why that was a bad idea. I reminded them of Newton's law about how an object in motion likes to stay in motion and asked what would happen if the driver suddenly slammed on his brakes. When we got home, they burst into the house to tell Sam what we had seen and Lincoln exclaimed, "That's REALLY bad, because of Newton's law of motion!"

-The next day, we were on a family bike ride. We reached a crosswalk of a somewhat busy street. Normally in this area, drivers disregard the flashing lights on a crosswalk and we have to wait until a decent-sized gap in traffic comes before we can cross. But on this day, a friendly policeman pulled up as we approached the crosswalk, and he turned on his lights to stop traffic for us! I told the boys to wave as we crossed, meaning a brief wave to thank the policeman, but instead they enthusiastically waved at him the entire way across the street! Their exuberant 10 seconds or so of waving made them ride slower and more erratically as we crossed, and I was desperately calling to them to try to get them to stop waving and focus on where they were going. But as we passed the police car, Lincoln yelled out, "Did you get the guy who was riding on top of the car???" Wrong police department, bud! Needless to say, I felt like quite the spectacle.

-Speaking of being a spectacle, today I took the kids to the library, and as I was unloading things from the car a woman parked one spot away from me asked if I knew of a local tow truck company. I told her the name of one owned by someone in my ward, but then asked if her car wouldn't start and whether she needed a jump. She told me it wouldn't start but seemed to have no idea whether or not a jump would help. I am embarrassingly deficient in my car knowledge, but I do know how to give a jump--at least in theory. I know the basic steps and what to do, but doing them with confidence is another story entirely. I've seen people do it wrong before and there have been major sparks flying! I know there's an order to unclamping the jumper cables afterward and I'm slightly unsure about whether I have the black clamp hooked onto something that is truly grounded. I consulted the owner's manual of our car before I began, and my confidence wasn't helped any by the warning in the manual that, if done incorrectly, the battery may explode. Sam has given jumps so many times and I always blissfully just sit in the car! I was regretting my ignorance when I saw a man get into a public works truck across the parking lot. I totally waved him down and asked if he knew how to give a jump and he saved the day and did it for me. I was pretty embarrassed at my incompetence. Time for me to practice actually jump starting a car a few times with Sam coaching me... I'm so glad that man saved the day for me and got her car started, though!

-I've been potty training Benson this week. It's gone pretty smoothly so far! He's been going potty on the toilet off and on for months now, so the job was already half done. He's still in a diaper when he sleeps, though, and today he made a messy diaper during his nap. As I was changing him afterward, Maxwell came into the room. Benson immediately said, "Hi, Maxwell! Wook...bowel movement." (Somehow "bowel movement" has become a noun at our house rather than just a verb.) And then, in the sweetest, most adorable tone laced with genuine surprise, he said, "It's not a cookie! It's not!"

-Maxwell is incredibly observant. If we need help finding something, Maxwell is a good one to ask. Tonight Sam was playing outside with all the boys and I was in the bedroom taking care of some things. Unbeknownst to either of us, one of the boys plugged the bathroom sink and left the water running. This could have been a truly disastrous situation, but amazingly Maxwell came inside for some reason and took note of the overflowing sink and then went running outside to tell Sam. By the time Sam got to it, the bathroom floor was covered in water but it hadn't reached the carpet outside the door yet! All it took was a couple of towels to clean it up and as a bonus, the bathroom floor got scrubbed. As Sam was telling me what happened and I was thanking Maxwell he said, "Yeah, because it was going to make a puddle!" Ha. Yes, that would definitely be a puddle.

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  1. Cute pictures! The story about Benson made me laugh out loud, and I can't believe how observant and thoughtful Maxwell is.


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