Sunday, June 28, 2020

Birthday Fun

Lucky for me, my birthday fell on a Saturday this year, which meant we got to spend the entire day with Sam! His big work project ended just in time to give him a totally free Saturday.
We toyed with exploring another bike trail, but ultimately we decided on one of my favorite activities: picking berries at Cedar Hill Farm.
After sleeping in and then waking up to yummy chocolate chip pancakes made by Sam, we got ready and headed out.
I always know at the outset that the boys won't last more than about 10 minutes picking berries, especially in the hot sun, but thankfully there is a super fun pirate ship adjacent to the berry patch and Sam kindly took all the boys over to play while I finished up.

The real highlight of Cedar Hill is the amazing playground. Whether we are sitting in the shade observing, pushing kids on the tire swing, or watching the fun on the zipline, it is so enjoyable for the entire family.

The three oldest had SO much fun playing on this tire swing this year (sadly, the giant tractor tire swing was out of commission). In the middle of their playing, they came over to me and informed me that since it was my birthday, they were going to give me a birthday swing and then all three of them pushed me around and around while I sat awkwardly in the tire.

After the farm, we stopped at The Dip, which is a fun old-fashioned ice cream stand and burger grill with delicious, unique flavors of ice cream. We got the "mini" size, but we definitely need to remember to get the "baby" size, because it was sooo much ice cream. I thoroughly enjoyed my monkey bread ice cream (with chunks of real monkey bread in it)!

We were pretty hot and exhausted when we got home, but Sam headed out to the grocery store while I took a nap and then lay in the hammock reading while the boys played with water. Sam came home and slaved away in the kitchen making my favorite dinner--cilantro lime quesadillas!
Just take a look at this many amazing flavors packed into every bite.

He picked up a Baskin Robbins ice cream brownie pizza and it was delicious! I opened a couple of small gifts and later on used birthday money from Sam's and my parents to pitch in with Sam's bigger gift to me...a Vitamix blender! I guess I'm a real adult since I was so excited about a high-powered blender, but it has been so fun. I have made a number of fun things in it already, including:
-homemade peanut butter (plus we added a little chocolate to it)
-whole wheat pancakes (It ground up the wheat kernels like a dream, and so quickly! My ordinary blender could never handle hard wheat.)
-a snowcone
-chocolate sorbet

Our smoothies have been totally smooth and velvety, even when using almost all frozen fruit, and it has been fun to test its capabilities in some of the other things. The chocolate sorbet was incredible!
Since we make so many smoothies, the blender will be well used for many years to come.
All in all, it was a great birthday!

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  1. Sounds like a great celebration! My mouth is watering looking at those berries and the quesadilla. I might have to go to Guru's in the near future. ;) I'm glad your birthday was fun!


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