Thursday, May 14, 2020


Baby #6 is a GIRL, and we are so shocked and excited!!
I made my mind up long ago that if we decided to have another baby, it would be because we wanted 6 kids, not because we were "trying for a girl."
And I had been mentally preparing myself for months to be excited about having another boy, even though it could very well mean I would never have a daughter.
Heading to the ultrasound, I fully expected it to be a boy, and I was 100% happy with that.
I guess I was so fully prepared to have another boy that when the image showed up on the screen I automatically thought I saw boy parts (although when I watched the video over again it is clear that it's a girl!), so when the ultrasound tech said, "Guess what?" I said, "6 boys!" to which she replied, "No, is 5000% a girl."
Sam and I both started laughing and I was totally in shock for the remainder of the appointment.
We feel like first time parents again--how do we prepare for a girl??
I am itching to go shopping and my brain is going a million miles a minute imagining the fun, girly experiences we will have together as a mother and daughter.
I have LOVED having my boys just as much, but this just opens the door to additional wonderful experiences that I had assumed would never be a part of my mothering.

After we picked up the boys from my friend's house, we told them the news in the car.
Their reactions illustrate so many aspects of their personalities!
Talmage was shocked and ecstatic (he has wanted a sister for a long time and I think he never felt like our family was quite complete without a girl--when we got home he hugged me for about a solid minute).
Wesley was preoccupied by something else he was doing and was just quietly happy, mellow, and unsurprised (when we got home he contentedly said, "I'm so glad we're having another baby...and that it's a girl").
Lincoln seemed happy enough but claimed he wasn't excited and later that evening he prayed that they wouldn't trip over the baby when she was born. And, "At least now you'll have someone that's your gender to play with!" cracks me up every time.
Maxwell was in the spaced-out zone he always gets into when he is eating fruit leather and hid his face when we started gushing at him, although he has been wanting the baby to be a sister.
Benson had seen a rooster and was thus crowing realistically during the entire video besides his enthusiastic, "YEAH!!"
Oh, how I love these boys!


  1. So excited for you!! That girl is going to be the most loved little sister ever, with so many big brothers to protect and love on her.

  2. I knew it, I just knew it!!!!!!! Yippie, yahooie!!!!! Now I can't wait to know what her name will be, then see pictures, etc., etc. I am sooooo happy for all of you. It will be good for the boys to have a sister to protect and spoil. When is she due?


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