Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Benson's 2nd Birthday

Baby boy is officially not a baby!
We celebrated his 2nd birthday with a simple evening celebration.
I made brownie chocolate mousse trifle and loaded the back of a new dump truck with it for his cake.
As soon as he saw it he started driving it around.

...and making lots of sound effects, of course.

He was so, so happy. (And also very angry when I put it away until after dinner.)

After his birthday dinner of some of his favorite foods (dino nuggets, smoothies, and fries), we opened presents. We really don't need many more toys at this point--I already go crazy enough with the number we have and I am constantly going through them to see what else I can get rid of.
So we kept things super simple--a 2-year-old doesn't know the difference!
In addition to his new dump truck, he got this fun set of wooden castle blocks.

He's a little young for them still, although he likes to make towers with them, but his older brothers instantly crowded around and began making big castles of their own.

He got a few other small gifts, like a ball, a toy car, and a paint with water book,
and then we had him blow out the candles and ate his yummy birthday cake!

He is SUCH a loved, enjoyed part of our family.
His crazy antics keep us laughing to no end.
I'll share some more details about 2-year-old Benson on the next post!

Happy birthday, (no-longer-baby) boy!

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  1. Such a handsome boy! I love that you put his cake in the back of a dump truck--so creative but simple! And those castle blocks are amazing.


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