Monday, April 20, 2020

15 Weeks

Thanks to Talmage for taking these pictures.
And for telling me that I looked like Mary Poppins.

Here we are at 15 weeks!
My big ultrasound appointment is just 3 weeks from today--we are SO excited about it!
We are planning on a boy, but we won't be disappointed if it's a girl!
It's kind of surprising how often I have consulted blog posts about my previous pregnancies, so I'm going to go ahead and record a few details here for my own reference purposes.
We're pretty much par for the course in every way, so for my long-time readers who aren't interested in reading the same thing for the SIXTH time, feel free to scroll on past.

Nausea: It's pretty much passed! There were a few weeks there where things were pretty rough, but I was never throwing up. I'd say it was in the harder 50% of my pregnancies in terms of how I felt.

Insomnia: It's been no joke this time around! I'm commonly awake for hours in the middle of the night in spite of applying the things I've learned in fighting insomnia in my previous pregnancies. I'm not sure why this is the case since I don't feel overly stressed or anxious, but for whatever reason it's very difficult to get good sleep. I usually resort to going out to the couch where I can turn on some music without bothering Sam and sticking a lavender satchel by my head until sleep finally comes. One good thing about COVID-19 has been the fact that I get to sleep in every day! With the last four pregnancies I've had a trademark insomnia album I listen to in the night (Wesley=Peace Like a River by the Tabernacle Choir, Lincoln=Tender Mercies by Steven Sharp Nelson, Maxwell=Wonders by the Piano Guys, Benson=Be Still by Jason Tonioli), so I've followed suit with this one. I've put together a playlist of songs by Audrey Assad and they are so soothing to me in those nighttime hours!

Food: In the beginning I had some weird cravings which were surprising to me. I usually have a difficult time stomaching most fast food, but before I even knew for sure I was pregnant I had the strongest craving for a Wendy's bacon cheeseburger! Sam went to pick up Wesley from a birthday party and walked in the door with a couple of them for me. I was so excited and oddly ate both of them in one sitting! I also had a strange craving for processed cheese for a while. I haven't had weird cravings in the last several weeks, but I am back to my usual pregnancy desires for smoothies, fruit drinks, and Dole tropical fruit cups allll the time.

Ulcerative Colitis & Anemia: My UC has flared up during this pregnancy, as usual. Thankfully St. Jude offers amazing insurance so my medication, which would cost over $1000/month without insurance, only costs $5/month! With that medication, I've been able to keep things relatively under control so far, so I only have mild anemia right now.

Other: I don't know if it's due to my pregnancy or if I've just developed some really obnoxious seasonal allergies, but I frequently have days where the itchiness in my throat, nose, and eyes is almost unbearable! Last night my throat was so itchy that I ate ice cream, followed by a popsicle, followed by a frozen Capri-Sun because the cold feels soo good on it. I'm also taking a nap pretty much every day (which actually seems to help with the insomnia). I have learned that my physical and mental well-being plummet FAST when I reach a certain point of exhaustion. I start to feel extremely overwhelmed by life and motherhood and my senses all go into hyper-drive so I am overstimulated by the smallest things, like a child putting their hand on my arm. The whole family just does better when I nap every day. Since Maxwell and Benson both nap well, it just leaves the other three to do some school work quietly and then play together while I'm out so it works out pretty well. And I'm starting to feel those first exciting fluttery movements of life inside me which is always so thrilling! The boys are ECSTATIC about having another baby and they wish I would have babies indefinitely, as long as possible. Sorry, boys...keep on dreaming!


  1. You--and your pictures--are beautiful! Go Talmage! I love reading these updates. I'm glad to hear you're doing well, and I am continuing to pray for you and your baby.


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