Friday, March 6, 2020

Today in a Nutshell

We haven't done anything particularly noteworthy lately.
It is warming up,
but still chillier than I feel comfortable with outside.
So today I pulled the hammock out of the attic and set it up indoors.
After having it packed up for months,
it was an exciting surprise for the boys to have it out again,
and it was like a brand new toy for Benson!
The took turns swinging in it all afternoon.

I worked for much of the day on a cake for the Young Women's fundraiser dinner tonight.
They have a dessert auction at it, and I am always blown away by how generous people are over those desserts. My cake sold for $70, which (to me) made it worth the hours it took to make!

Benson has turned into quite the diaper Houdini.
He is constantly stripping out of his diaper and clothing, and I discover him stark naked, claiming he needs to "go potty." He desperately wants to go potty on the toilet,
but I think diapers are WAY more convenient with a toddler out in public.
I hate dealing with public restrooms with such a tiny person,
so I am very resistant to the idea of potty training him now.
My friend was watching him the other day and he told her he needed to go potty and stripped off his pants and diapers, so she changed his diaper and he promptly made a messy diaper.
She thinks I am crazy for not jumping on his eagerness,
but I am hoping to make it through the summer before we potty train.
We shall see, though--today he stripped naked and Maxwell discovered the trike and the floor were a little bit wet.
"Oh no! Benson went potty on the trike and the floor!" he exclaimed.
And then, because he is Mr. Responsible, he went and got a wet cloth and scrubbed it up himself.

It was pretty late when we got the kids to bed tonight thanks to the fundraiser, so Sam and I had a very quick date night at home.
We played "guess the date" with our journals, and took turns reading entries to each other while the other person tried to guess the day it happened.
I guess I'm feeling nostalgic, because it was fun to reminisce again tonight!

And lastly, I have recently realized how much more inclined I am to get frustrated with the boys when I am rushed.
Rushing and little kids do not fit together nicely, you know?
It was already after 8 when we got home tonight, so we sent the boys to get ready for bed ultra-fast while I put Benson down. Naturally, one boy had to change out band-aids on his wounds from a sad falling incident that had happened at the church, another put his pajamas on and then lay in the hammock instead of getting ready, and another had to spend 10 minutes on the toilet.
And then, as we tried to hustle our way through our nighttime routine to get them to bed at a reasonable hour,
it seemed like their minds were suddenly opened to every question they had ever thought of.
Does anyone else notice that trend in their kids?
It's like rushing somehow stimulates their memories.
And suddenly we had questions and comments about our family history and exactly how they were related to an ancestor, how people are panicking over coronavirus, whether two bottles of hand sanitizer really sold for $100 at the store, the biggest hail stone in the world, rock climbing without ropes, and whether or not bungee jumping is dangerous.
I mean, I want to hear all they have to say--just not when we're on a beeline to bed!

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  1. I want to see a picture of your $70 cake! I'm always amazed at your baking abilities.


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