Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The Good Ol' Days

Yesterday, I learned how to import all the blog posts from my old family blog to this one,
so now the posts on the sidebar date back to 2009!
It is so nice to have a fairly detailed family history all in one place,
and I have to admit that the last two nights I spent the evening re-reading many of those old blog posts and remembering those early days.

It made me both happy and sad.

A little sad, because I miss how simple our lives were at that stage.
But happy because I felt like joy was exploding out of those silly little posts.
It didn't matter that we had no money,
that Sam was in the throes of a very demanding graduate school program,
that we lived across the country from our families...
we were livin' on love and lovin' life because of it.

Our lack of money and resources led me to be very creative in the things I did with the kids--
there are posts about freezing cups of water with small toys in them so the boys could chip them out of the ice with hammers like paleontologists, taping a giant piece of cardboard over the stairs to turn them into a slide, getting the grand tour of the farm one of my piano students lived on, and making bubble snakes.

I read about my sisters coming to visit and the hilarious adventures we went on, including going to Chick-fil-a with terrible cow costumes (like an iPhone charger for a tail!) and seeing a woman in our wildlife tour tram get bit on the shoulder by a rogue camel.

I read about our cheap dates and how I worked for hours to make a blue jeans quilt for Sam for his birthday, using second-hand jeans I had purchased for $1 and tying it on borrowed quilting frames at my friend's house, because our house was too small to fit it! And then, how I secretly fixed up our bikes and borrowed another friend's mini-van to drive them to a park and lock them up in the trees for Sam to discover after we had a picnic breakfast on our new quilt.

There are posts about mothering lessons I learned from my own mother, miracles we saw in our lives on a regular basis, incredible generosity shown to us, and funny things my kids said.

It has all encouraged me to say "yes" to my kids more, to search for creative ways to have fun together, to worry less about the things that don't matter, and to live in the moment.
It's much easier to make those resolutions while my kids are sleeping and my house is clean,
but I am struck once again by the power of remembering,
and I'm grateful to my few readers who have stuck around for all these years.
You've encouraged me to keep writing, and to keep forming this simple little history which is already a priceless treasure for our family.

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