Monday, March 9, 2020


Now that the coronavirus has come to Memphis,
there is a new level of panic that has swept in.
Today I made our monthly visit to Costco and the mark of the virus was everywhere...
a man at the front door disinfecting carts as we walked in,
employees wearing latex gloves,
the smell of disinfectant that hit me with every refrigerator door I opened,
limit signs on toilet paper, paper towels, and bottled water (and brown sugar, oddly?),
a masked shopper,
and nary a sample to be found (much to Maxwell's disappointment).

Maxwell had a bit of a cough and I felt like I was a walking target every time he coughed.
He doesn't have it, I promise!

Our overflowing cart made it appear that the hysteria had gripped me, too,
but really it was just our typical monthly haul.
Our grocery bill is already through the roof every month...
I can only imagine what things will look like when we have a house full of teenagers.

In other news,
on Saturday Talmage had his first soccer practice,
we went to the library,
and then we went to McAlister's deli for dinner (such yummy sandwiches and kids eat free on Saturdays!).
Talmage dubbed it one of the best days of his entire life.
After we got home from dinner, Sam and Wesley left to go to the Grizzlies' basketball game
and the rest of us had a movie night and then rearranged the boys' room--so much more space now that the (unorganized) Legos can go under the bed!! We all love this new system.
Then I put everyone to bed, turned on some beautiful music, and cleaned and cleaned until midnight.
The house needed it in a major way!

Also, when did Benson turn into a little boy?!?
Just look at those pictures!

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