Wednesday, March 25, 2020

2018 Family Highlight Video

We're stuck here at home.
Schools are closed until at least April 24,
Sam is working from home,
all of our community and church events have been cancelled,
the biggest cancer conference in the world has been cancelled,
the soccer season has been postponed indefinitely,
and the mayor has issued an order prohibiting all non-essential activities outside the home
(although walks/runs/bike rides are allowed, provided we stay 6 feet away from others).

Shortly after the mayor issued that order (which would take effect the following day),
I took the boys out for one last hurrah.
The city had a "teddy bear hunt" going where many neighbors put teddy bears in their windows and then we could drive around and find them. We kept going until we found over 100, and then I took the boys to try Sheridan's frozen custard (supposedly the best ice cream in Memphis, although I am still partial to Blue Bell).
We went through the drive-thru, and as the employee took my card he asked,
"Did you hear about that order the mayor issued??"
I replied in the affirmative,
and he said,
"So what does that mean for us? We are considered an essential service, but would you get arrested or something if you drove over here to get ice cream?"
"I dunno..." I said, "Ice cream is always essential, right?"

So since we're pretty much confined to the house, other than the occasional trip out to get groceries,
and of course it's STILL rainy,
I thought I'd make another highlight video, this time for the year 2018.
(The resolution is lots better if you click YouTube and watch it there.)

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  1. So beautiful!! It's so fun to look back on these memories. Good luck with the shelter-in-place, and if you or your boys get stir-crazy and need someone to Facetime with, let me know!


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