Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Mini-Golf and Trader Joe's

On Saturday, I took Wesley mini-golfing for his monthly outing.
It was our first time visiting this particular course,
and I was a bit disappointed when I pulled up and the holes were simple putting greens without any fun decorations or obstacles.
But once we started playing, we had a great time regardless!
The highlight was when Wesley got a hole-in-one!!
Afterward we picked up a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe (the closest substitute we can find for Jamba Juice...so sad that the closest one is in Nashville! And there they have FIVE locations...come on, share some love with Memphis, people!).
I love spending time with my boy!

Yesterday the kids didn't have school for Presidents' Day.
They spent the day riding bikes and playing with some neighborhood kids, for the most part.
I did take them to Trader Joe's to celebrate and told them they could each choose one snack to share.
I always stick out like a sore thumb when I go out in public with all five boys,
but especially when I go to a place like Trader Joe's where the average clientele is a single, hipster millennial.
Pardon me while we take up an entire aisle of the small store!
Of course I got stopped throughout the store while people made comments like,
"That's a lot of boys!"
"You're so blessed!"
"Do you homeschool?"
"They're so well-behaved!"
"Are you going to try for a girl?"
For the most part I don't mind being a spectacle, especially when they're well-behaved.
On one trip to the library a while back, I had forgotten the stroller and was struggling to get our mountains of books checked out while holding Benson, keeping Maxwell close to me, and keeping the others in check.
The librarian said something like, "Well, I was going to ask if you were going to try for a girl, but I think you've got enough on your plate..." :D

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