Friday, February 7, 2020

January in a Nutshell

I just love January.
I know it has kind of a bad rap among the general public,
but hear me out.

After all the dust settles after the holiday season,
I love having a month with virtually NO departure from the everyday routine.
Life is predictable, I get so many projects taken care of that have been hanging over me, I get in lots of slow-paced bonding time with the little ones at home, we save up a ton of money with no extra expenses, I get the organizing bug every year (and the organizing supplies are on sale at the stores!), and school has no major projects or other extras.
I understand that a lot of people think it's too slow-paced,
but I welcome the chance to slow down.

With our first week of January being spent in Utah
and another week being spent with the black plague racing around our house,
there isn't a whole lot to report,
but here are the main events of the month:

Lego Building
The boys came home from Utah with many Lego sets. Coincidentally, they ended up with 5 different space-themed sets, so they had fun building a mega space set-up!

Lots of Story Reading
With all that down time, we had plenty of time to read a mountain of books to the little ones.

...and Lots of Sleeping
Of course, all that reading and sickness leads to a sure result.

A Little Screen Time
And I just couldn't resist the way Benson copied Maxwell's every move while they were watching "Wild Kratts."

Maxwell's Puzzle Obsession Ignites
This 4-foot long puzzle is a favorite!

100th Day of School
Talmage and Wesley dressed up as 100-year olds, and Lincoln and I glued a 100-piece puzzle to a dollar store T-shirt. He thought it was the coolest thing! Here he is posing as the tiger on his shirt.

Ice Skating with Talmage
My outing with Talmage this month was a trip to the skating rink! We had so much fun skating together and he made great progress!

Anniversary Dinner
Sam planned an anniversary date to a nicer Italian restaurant called Ronnie Grisanti's. He knew it was going to be a step up from our usual fare with entrees averaging about $25 each, but we were not prepared for the incredibly fancy environment. It became evident as soon as we pulled up and saw the valet parking (we parked our old mini-van ourselves, thankyouverymuch). I guess Sam had e-mailed to get a reservation and had specifically mentioned that it was for our anniversary and requested a nice place to sit. They took his request very seriously and escorted us to a private room up a stairwell where we sat next to a window that overlooked all the guests eating below. The room was quiet, with just a few guests, and a large screen with a digital fire set the tone on one wall. Our waiter came over and started listing the off-the-menu options and I was right on the verge of bursting into laughter because each entree he listed had about 10 components, half of which I had never heard of. Thankfully I was able to hold in the laughter! Throughout the evening, multiple employees came to our table to meet us and wish us a happy anniversary, and the owner (or maybe manager?) specifically noted Sam's St. Jude e-mail address and thanked him for the work he does. We felt like quite the spectacle. They treated us to a slice of lemon-ricotta cheesecake after our (super delicious) meal, and the whole time Sam and I tried not to be too self-conscious about our jeans. Haha, like I said, we were unprepared for such a fancy place!
Afterward, we picked up hot chocolate from Panera and went to a nearby park to walk around the lake. I had SO much fun laughing over the fact that they forgot to add the chocolate to my hot chocolate, playing a spontaneous game of tag Sam started on the playground in which I accidentally smacked him on the head, and seeing how close we could get to a blue heron on the water! (Can you see it below?) At one point it was perched on a dock and I asked Sam to guess how close we could get to it before it flew away. He said he thought as soon as we stepped on the dock it would take off, and I guessed that we could get to the third post on the railing. We crept slowly and silently onto the dock, and it was TOO funny when the heron flew away exactly when we got to the third post, just as I guessed! He kept flying off to different spots of the lake so we encountered him three times in the darkness. Somehow playing tag on a children's playground seemed to suit us a little better than our fine-dining experience, but both were so fun!!

And Lots of Hanging Out at Home
...too much of which usually makes me stir-crazy, but I enjoy it when I have lots of projects going!

**Today's Tidbit: We finally decided to sign Talmage up for soccer--something he has been wanting for years. When we told him a few nights ago, he jumped out of bed and gave us both the biggest hug. We told the boys we thought we would sign them up for a sport when they were 10, so a conversation immediately commenced regarding what sport each would choose. Wesley is set on BMX racing since our 6-year-old neighbor across the street is like a world-class champion and goes on TV and everything! Haha, we will see about that...
But Talmage was SO happy that he made us a sign the following morning and taped it on the wall outside our room with some candy bars for us to find. This morning I discovered Talmage and Wesley had gotten Benson up out of bed when he woke up and were getting him dressed on their own and Lincoln said, "I think it's because they're so happy you signed Talmage up for soccer!" I guess making him wait so long made him extra grateful!

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  1. Looks like it was a great month! I love all the sweet candid pictures, and your anniversary date sounds amazing.


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