Monday, February 10, 2020

A Day in the Life 2020

It's been almost three years since I wrote "A Day in the Life,"
so I thought it would be fun for me to record another day for me to remember later on.
Once again, here is another (slightly more productive than usual) ordinary day in my life.
Another state, another house, another baby, and two more boys in school, and yet not much has changed!

6:20-I wake up. Sam has finished breakfast and is heading into the bathroom to shower and get ready and I am reminded of how I really need to get back in the habit of setting an alarm to wake up so I can shower before Sam leaves for the day, which gets our day going on the right foot. Ah, well...I doze a bit in bed and then scroll through my phone, reading a couple of blogs for a few minutes to pry my tired eyes open.

6:40-I force myself out of bed, throw on my shoes, and gather all of the kids into the car to take Sam to the bus stop. I'm feeling grateful we're about to get another car so our mornings can be a little less hectic! On the way, I ask Sam if we can pick him up from work and go to a member-party at the science museum. He agrees and we make plans before we say our family prayer and tell him good-bye.

7:00-We are home again, and it is go time. The boys finish up their chores ("The Big 5"--say prayers, get dressed, brush teeth, make bed, secret service chore) and work on their lunches while I make oatmeal and a smoothie for breakfast. Talmage packs a "cheesestick sandwich," goldfish, and a yogurt. Wesley opts for mini pancakes with syrup, a granola bar, and goldfish. Lincoln chooses leftover bunny pasta, goldfish, and a yogurt. We gather at the table for a quick breakfast and I comb the older boys' hair. Talmage is wearing shorts and a T-Shirt, as usual, despite the cold, winter weather.

7:43-The boys are heading out the door into the car again. I notice Benson's diaper is leaking, so I frantically change him before I load him into the car and rush out. If we get to the school after 8, I have to go into the office and check the boys in and I am still in my pajamas, so I am hustling along to make sure we get there on time! We've never been late but sometimes we cut it way too close for comfort. We make our way through the car drop off line and I give my usual farewell spiel to the boys--"I love you! Have a great day! Be good, do your best, and feed the good wolf!" (That line comes from this story.)

8:05-I pull back into the garage at home with Maxwell and Benson, and my cell phone dings. I see a text from Sam saying that he was able to get time off so we can go to Nauvoo during Spring Break! Hooray!! I am so excited! I get a few minutes of quiet to spend in morning prayer while Maxwell and Benson finish their breakfast at the table. Some days we go for a bike ride, but today it is very cold and raining, so instead I eat breakfast and do some computer work, get the kids ready and say prayers with them, and do some tidying.

9:00-I turn on an episode of "Wild Kratts" for Maxwell and Benson to watch while I get ready. I know the show lasts 25 minutes, after which they will be begging for entry into my bathroom and then tearing apart the cupboards climbing on the counter, and getting into my make-up and hair supplies, so I hurry things along quickly. Benson doesn't enjoy watching a show very much yet, but he plays nicely for the most part while Maxwell learns about animals. When I am done getting ready, I work my way through the house, tidying and doing some deeper cleaning--vacuuming and sweeping and wiping things down, emptying the dishwasher, and starting the laundry. Maxwell and Benson munch on fruit leather and granola bars and alternate between playing together and hovering at my feet while I clean up the house.

10:45-Time to stop cleaning. I read a couple of stories to Maxwell and Benson, and then we head out the door to go to IKEA. Every month we budget a little money for me to spend on decorating and furnishing our home, and over the last 2 years our house has transformed from a big, empty, cold cavern into a place we can be happy to call home. I look forward to each month's project, and this month I am on the hunt for some throw pillows to tie together all of our seating in two different rooms. I measure some pillows, put on shoes and comb the boys' hair, and we head out.

1:00-We are finally home. What I expected to take 45 minutes instead took an hour and a half as I walked through the maze of IKEA 3 times, enlisted the help of an employee who spent 20 minutes combing through the store as well, and ultimately had to leave with my errand only half accomplished. Benson falls asleep on the drive home, but wakes up when I try to lay him in his crib--I am hoping he will go back to sleep after lunch! Nap time will be late today. I prepare a lunch of Dino-Buddies chicken, applesauce, cheese sticks, milk, and veggie straws, switch the laundry to the dryer, mix up some cookies for a package I am preparing to send, and put together some of the pillows I purchased. I also read a story to Maxwell and Benson while they eat their lunch, and afterward they spend a few minutes playing with wooden trucks together.

2:04-I change Benson's diaper, read him his favorite book (HUG), sing him a song, and lay him down. When we transitioned Maxwell out of his crib two years ago, we got into the habit of laying on the bedroom floor while he fell asleep for his nap and we have never stopped. So I read him To Think that I Saw it on Mulberry Street and lay on his floor. Often I fall asleep, too, and take a quick cat nap, but today I manage to stay awake and he is asleep within minutes.

2:25-I come back downstairs and clean up lunch and roll the cookie dough into balls to bake. While the cookies bake, I write a blog post.

3:15-I begin my scripture study. I start reading the day's assignment for Come, Follow Me.

3:19-I am startled by a knock at the door--the older boys are home 20 minutes early! Apparently they had a substitute bus driver who took the bus route in reverse. I am grateful she let them off the bus since they technically aren't allowed to get off if I am not outside to meet them. Talmage has slipped in a mossy mud puddle on the sidewalk and the back of him is completely covered in mud. I stop him in his tracks and get him to change, treat his pants with Shout and prepare an after-school snack of homemade nachos. I explain to the boys that I was just in the middle of my scripture study, so while they read books, eat, and start their chores and piano practice, I continue to read my scriptures. I also realize I never ate lunch and eat some food while I read. Normally I enjoy a bowl of cereal, but today I branch out and eat some leftover coconut chicken and rice.

4:00-Benson and Maxwell are awake from their naps, and both are grumpy and needing post-nap snuggles. I hold them on the couch for a while, but we need to get ready to leave for the science museum, so eventually I put them down and help all the kids get ready, fill up water bottles for the drive, and heat up some pasta to bring to Sam. Benson cries during most of this time. He tends to be very high-maintenance in the late afternoon hours and often cries a lot.

4:30-We back out of the garage and arrive to pick up Sam from work at 5:00 on the dot. He meets us at the car and we drive a few miles to the science museum to attend the party. A new exhibit about the first exploration of Antarctica has opened and there are free shows in the planetarium. The last party we went to had a nice hot-dog dinner provided, but this one has a much smaller spread of a few appetizers and desserts. Had I known I would have fed the boys dinner before we left, but they all seem content, thankfully. Sam has an Elders' Quorum Presidency meeting that starts at 7:00, so at 6:20 we head out the door. Unfortunately, we are almost out of gas and the first gas station we go to has broken pumps (a normal occurrence in Memphis). Now we are really rushed, and we scout out another gas station and this time successfully get gas in the car and head on our way. We drop Sam off at his meeting and drive home.

7:30-We are finally home! I am exhausted, but the kids still need dinner and showers, and I promised Lincoln earlier in the week that he would be able to have his first piano lesson that day! So I throw some cereal, leftover pancakes, and goldfish on the table and we quickly eat a simple dinner. The older boys and Maxwell take showers while I give Lincoln a mini-lesson (much to his delight!). Lincoln and Benson then take showers and I put Benson to bed while the others work on S.P.O.T. (their nightly routine of reading Scriptures, saying Prayers, going pOtty, and brushing Teeth). I help Lincoln and Maxwell with their routine, and we are just settling in to read a chapter from their illustrated scriptures when Sam walks in from his meeting! He joins us for the illustrated scriptures, family prayer, and our Come, Follow Me family scripture study from The Book of Mormon. I read aloud a chapter from Holes, the chapter book I am currently reading to the boys.

8:48-The boys are finally all tucked in bed and it is SNOWING here in Memphis! Such excitement! Sam and I set a timer for 20 minutes and begin our nightly clean-up. Several months ago we decided we were spending too much of the evening cleaning, so we decided to start with the 20 minute timer and it has worked wonders! Knowing we only have 20 minutes makes us super efficient, so the house hasn't been any messier--and in fact, may even be cleaner than it used to be. After our clean-up is complete, Sam runs on the treadmill while I work on updating our budget spreadsheet, check my e-mail and social media, and work on filing our taxes.

10:47-That's a wrap! It's been an exhausting but happy and productive day.

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  1. Whew, I got exhausted just reading this! Also you had to note down the exact time of everything too!


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