Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Christmas Morning

It was about 7:00 before we woke up on Christmas morning and could hear the boys' voices upstairs, waiting to come down.
We've simplified Christmas gifts to a stocking, 3 gifts from Sam and I, and a gift from a brother.
We also decided to take our time opening presents this year to let the kids fully appreciate what they had gotten and it worked great!
The older boys got a joint gift of a 6-lane Hot Wheels racing track which has been HUGE hit and has totally rekindled their love of little toy cars! They love memorizing which ones are the fastest and testing out different combinations. And the track collapses almost flat when we want to put it away!
Benson and Maxwell's main gift was a big wooden barn with a set of farm animals.
They have loved playing with it, too. We cut a couple of ponds out of felt and once we set them up with the different fences and all the animals it is quite a fun play set.

I LOVE this picture. The intensity on their faces cracks me up!
And Wesley didn't want to take off his new travel pillow and hat the whole morning.

Eventually we were ready to have Christmas breakfast--our traditional overnight sticky buns, bacon, greek yogurt, Annie's toaster pastries, and Simply Orange.
I think this may have been the first time I've cooked bacon as a dish to eat on its own and the boys were over the moon about it.

We continued opening presents until about noon, and then it was GO time for me to get everything packed and cleaned up for our flight to Utah that evening!
I love the way the boys are all crowded around excitedly every time someone opens a present.
These boys squabble plenty, but they really are the best of friends, and that makes me SO grateful they have each other.

Such a happy Christmas morning!

**Today's Tidbit: What is there to say except that the boys are still sick and now Maxwell and I have been hit with what I suspect is the flu? Really I just want to lay shaking in my bed all day, but I bet you can guess how much of that is happening...
It's really hard sometimes, but at the same time I think it is a beautiful thing to be the one to give comfort to a little one in their time of distress. From changing dirty diapers to wiping goopy faces to rubbing backs during sleepless nights to holding sleeping babies when they're sick, the idea is constantly being reinforced that a parent is there to provide comfort and ease pain, thereby strengthening the bond between parent and child.
Now really, can we all get better?


  1. Maxwell's eyebrows in the second to last pic: AMAZING. I think this looks like a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas morning with children. I love the simplicity of it and your effort to slow down and really take things in. And their matching pajamas are so fun!

    I'm praying for your speedy recovery!

    1. Hahaha, I know, right?? Maxwell has the best eyebrow expressions!!


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