Thursday, June 27, 2019

Sam's Theory of 1-Year-Olds and Doors

Summer has been lots of fun so far!
I am trying to make the most of the time I have with all the boys together,
so blogging will probably be quite sporadic for the next couple of months.
I'll try to hit the highlights.

For now, I just wanted to drop in and share a groundbreaking discovery.
I studied various theories of human development in depth throughout high school and college.
Some of them resonate with me more than others,
but NONE have even come close to this one at accurately describing and explaining the behavior of 1-year-olds.

We shall call it:
Sam's Theory of 1-Year-Olds and Doors.

Thus it stands:
Whenever and whithersoever a door opens, a vacuum force is immediately initiated from the other side of the door. The aforementioned force exceeds the potential ability of a 1-year-old to withstand such and therefore (due to insubstantial mass) he/she is immediately suctioned to and through the door if a supervising adult does not intervene.

Case in point:
(these pictures were all snapped within moments of each other as doors were opened throughout the house)

In all seriousness, I'm so grateful for a husband that gives me reasons to LAUGH at the everyday frustrating moments we encounter in our family. Vacuum suction...start imagining it every time your toddler goes running the second a door opens. It just may make your life happier, too!

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