Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Wesley's Baptism Pictures

I snapped some baptism pictures of Wesley on a very hot, muggy day in September.
He was SO excited about getting to wear his new suit for the photo shoot, since I told him he couldn't wear it to Church until after his baptism.
Doesn't he look so handsome?!
He looks like a little lawyer or something.
I can't believe how old he is getting!

**Today's Tidbit: Sam is hoooommme after a work conference in Orlando! I always feel so discombobulated when he is gone. My sweet friend brought us dinner on Monday, just to be nice, since she knew he was out of town. Last night we picked him up from the airport with a fresh loaf of his favorite homemade bread to greet him. He deserved it after his exhausting trip! There was no bus service from his hotel to the church on Sunday and he didn't want to bother with an Uber, claiming he liked a nice long walk on a Sunday. Can you believe he walked 18 miles round trip to go to Church??

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Family in Memphis: Part 3

Breanne was still with us for a couple more days!
On Sunday we went to church and enjoyed a walk to the lake afterward.
Mainly we just relaxed at home.

We also experimented with some crazy filters on was TOO funny.

On Monday, we decided to go check out a Mennonite Market I had been wanting to visit, located about an hour from our house.
We had so much fun with the petting zoo before we went into the market!
The animals were just so "teeeewwwt!" as Benson says.
They were so eager to be petted, which made for a very fun time.
And this time I actually brought my camera, so Breanne is in the pictures for once!

Eventually we headed into the market to do some shopping and have lunch.
They had the cutest little handmade rocking chairs that were just Maxwell and Benson's size!

We came away with quite the haul to sample at home:
-kiwi jam
-cinnamon pumpkin butter
-pear preserves
-fig preserves
-key lime dip
-lemon cheesecake dip
-German rye bread
-herb and cheese bread
-3 types of sweet rolls
-assorted licorice
-chocolate milk mix

We had lunch at the cafe which had super reasonably priced sandwiches.
I decided to be adventurous and stray away from my usual chicken or vegetarian grub, so I ordered the Smokehouse Deluxe (according to the menu, "smoked pork loin, Lebanon bologna, smoked pepper cheese, Backermann's sauce, lettuce, and tomato on toasted sourdough")
I'm so glad I ventured off the beaten path on that one, because it was absolutely delicious.
We topped it off with a scrumptious, enormous raspberry sweet roll
and went outside to play some more before we needed to head back home to greet the boys as they got home from school.
(Waiting for our food--Benson posing for Breanne's picture was cracking me up!)

(And more posing)

Maxwell was climbing up and Benson came over to help him up! I just about died of the cuteness!

This was the BIGGEST pig I had ever seen. Every time I tried to take a picture of her, she would turn her back on me, no matter what noises I made. I think the poor pig did not want her picture taken!

Maxwell started playing on a scooter for the first time while we waited for the bus. I was amazed by how quickly he mastered it! He was so cute scooting up and down the sidewalk.

The boys got off the bus and Wesley, deeply immersed in a book, just plopped down right on the sidewalk and started reading...
...and then lay down with his backpack as a pillow.
Sometimes the book is just too good to put down!

We decided to go on one more bike ride, so we headed out to show Breanne the crazy kudzu on a trail a few miles from our house. It is an invasive species from Asia, and it totally takes over forests! With roots 17 feet deep and a growth rate of a foot per day, once it comes it's pretty much there to stay. It kills the plants underneath, but isn't it pretty?
I think it makes the trees look like they belong in a fantasy land like Narnia or something.

We enjoyed our goods from the Mennonite Market for a fun sampler dinner after we got home, and then Breanne left the next morning.
It was such a fun visit and so great to have a bunch of our family here together!

**Today's Tidbit: I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed with the kids' school lately.
I love all the opportunities their school gives them,
but sometimes the celebrations involve a lot more hoopla than I feel I can handle.
For example, for Christmas, this is a list of extra activities and requests for the boys, on top of all the usual school stuff:

-Angel Tree donations
-class store donations
-special Christmas field trip and ugly sweater day
-Christmas music program, with Christmas clothing (all the boys have separate programs for me to attend)
-class party day with donations and volunteers requested
-teacher gift card donations
-class book gift exchange
-Honor Choir singing performance
-St. Jude club Christmas card making

-Angel Tree donations
-Christmas music program, with Christmas clothing
-class party with "stocking stuffer" items to be sent in and volunteers requested
-teacher gift card donations
-St. Jude club Christmas card making

-Angel Tree donations
-Secret Pal class gift exchange (with a gift and homemade card)
-Jingles and Jammies craft day with volunteers requested
-Christmas music program, with Christmas clothing
-class Christmas party, with volunteers requested
-special Christmas field trip
-teacher gift

I'm all for simplifying our Christmas celebrations, but it's hard to simplify when so much is asked by the school!
So if you talk to me and I seem a bit scattered, maybe you can blame it on all that?
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