Monday, February 12, 2018

Thank You for Being Kind

Today our Family Home Evening lesson was centered on Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin's talk,
We discussed the importance of having a good attitude even when things are difficult
and how we have been commanded to be grateful in all things.
I shared a story with the boys about a time when I was in college and it seemed that everything was going wrong...I was sick for much of the semester, my brand new bike was stolen, a cinder block fell out of a car onto my foot and I hobbled around campus with a boot on while slipping on the ice...
my roommate and I decided one day that we should make some cute "thankful" signs to hang in our room to remind us of all we had to be grateful for. And the more we wrote, the more we felt the comfort of the Spirit and the hard things seemed far less important.

After family scripture study tonight, Talmage said,
"Mom, the kids at school call my friend F-A-T, but I like him because he does what Elder Wirthlin said to do...he makes the best of it and just laughs along with them."
He told us that he never makes fun of him and that this boy is very smart and confident.
My heart simultaneously broke for this sweet boy and swelled with gratitude that our son was not joining in the name calling. I know all too well that regardless of his good attitude, this boy will be affected for life by the unkind teasings of his peers.
I know that he will likely carry the label of "fat" with him throughout the rest of his life.
I know that even though he laughs right along with them, a wound is probably forming that will take a great deal of time and effort to heal.

And so as I sat next to Talmage's bed, rubbing his back and telling him good night, I said,
"Thank you for being a good friend and for being kind. I'm glad you're smart, and I'm glad you're healthy, but I'm even more glad you're kind."

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