Monday, January 22, 2018

Memphis Zoo

One awesome thing about the Memphis Zoo is that they have free afternoons every Tuesday!
When the boys were out of school for Christmas break, I thought we'd take advantage of the opportunity and we headed to the zoo for an afternoon...the coldest afternoon Memphis had seen in...oh...maybe 90 years?

It. was. FREEZING.

I have been plenty cold before and have experienced low temperatures,
but this was something else entirely!
The zoo was essentially a ghost town.
There was almost no one there. I kept worrying that we were going in areas that were closed because we literally saw only about 15 other guests the entire time we were there (most in the reptile house, where it was WARM!).
The animals were almost all put away, safe and warm and away from our curious eyes.
The waterfalls had frozen solid.
The boys and I ran from one indoor exhibit to the next, looking for anything away from the cold.

But in the end they all had a great time!
We loved watching the monkey creatures (baboons?) swing around. One seemed to think we were as interesting as we thought he was and he came right up to the window and peered out at us.
The panda eating bamboo was completely adorable,
and the alligator was perfectly creepy.

We didn't last long, but it was a fun outing in the midst of our very, very cold Christmas break!

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  1. Wow, that cold sounds pretty miserable! I bet the humidity makes it even worse by sinking all the way down to your bones, too. At least the visit was free! And that alligator is definitely creepy...


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