Monday, January 29, 2018

Back to the Predictable

Oh, sweet Lincoln.

A couple of months ago, I lamented to Sam that 4 is usually one of my favorite ages but that I was really struggling with Lincoln and he was misbehaving constantly!
I mean, one could hardly blame him...
he's had a *few* big changes and transitions in his life,
not to mention a mom who is operating at about 50% capacity of normal.

But then a couple of weeks ago I felt impressed to start working hard to stick to my schedules again.
I'm basically never fully successful at following a daily schedule with 4 little ones,
but when I'm trying hard my effectiveness skyrockets!
So I brushed off the schedules that had fallen by the wayside over the past 6 months
and began again to do daily activity time, working on a workbook and having a reading lesson before nap time, and reading a chapter book aloud to Lincoln before nap time as well.
And, as if by magic, 4 became one of my favorite ages again.
The misbehavior drastically decreased and my little shadow and I have made many fun memories together.

It's amazing how often "problems" on the part of a child reflect something I need to change.

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