Wednesday, January 24, 2018

9 Years

Two days after Christmas marked our nine year anniversary.
And what a nine years it has been!
5 kids (almost), 6 homes, 3 states, and LOTS of school mark the record, to name just a few things.
Everything about our relationship has been a whirlwind, from the 7-week engagement to the crazy, snowy wedding day to the children that began coming rapidly just 9 1/2 months after our marriage...
it's all been such an exciting ride!

Sam took me out to a darling little Italian restaurant in an early-1900s house just off the town square,
while a quarter-million Christmas lights sparkled through the windows, adorning large trees, historic buildings, the gazebo, and the train.
Then we went on a wild hunt for hot chocolate (apparently coffee is more popular outside of Utah...who knew? ;)) and after finally getting our hands on a couple of cups, we set off on a tour of Christmas lights through the town. There are a few dozen homes in town who participate by decking their homes out in lights and decorations, and it was delightful to drive around and prolong Christmas just a bit!

The past nine years have been filled with lots of dreaming, lots of working and lots of sacrificing.
This year it has felt like "real life" has begun, and while I wouldn't say it's made us any happier than we were, there is a great deal of satisfaction that comes from working toward goals together!
Every day I thank Heavenly Father for giving me such a kind, serving, hard-working man.
He understands me and connects with me in a way beyond anything words can express.
He knows just how to help me--when to offer advice, when to just listen, when to be empathetic, when to take action--it seems to be almost a sixth sense of his.

He has also taught our boys to dote on me non-stop.
As I've mentioned, this pregnancy has been really tough. One evening a couple of months ago, just after we moved and the boys started school here, they informed me that I had switched their sandwiches in their lunches so Wesley got jam and Talmage got honey...which was less than desirable for both of them.
It had been a really rough day and I was feeling overwhelmed with trying to meet everyone's needs.
I apologized with defeat and exhaustion spilling from my words,
and Sam gave the boys a gentle rebuke and told them not to demand things of me.
Immediately Talmage piped up, "Mom, what can I do to help you tomorrow?" Wesley joined in with a helpful inquiry of his own.
It was just a small incident, but it's one experience in a wide array of similar ones that have taken place over the years. I couldn't be more grateful that our boys get to be raised by such a loving man and thus be taught accordingly.

They are the luckiest.
I am the luckiest.
End of story.


  1. Aww, you guys are so cute! I hope my future husband is as great as Sam is.

  2. You have a good man! And it sounds like your anniversary celebration was fun, relaxing and romantic! :)

  3. This is so absolutely beautiful. It made me wistful, simile, laugh, cry. Talmage and Wes informing you about the jam/honey swap is such a juicy tidbit for me. A window into their young good lives with such amazing parents. Your life with Sam is epic. Thank you for blogging!


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