Tuesday, September 12, 2017

When the Light is Dimmed

I go through phases in mothering.
Much of the time, I feel totally content in my role as a mother.
Of course, I see areas I need to improve,
but I rejoice even in the day-to-day mundane
and cherish every moment with the precious souls that have been sent to us.

But every once in a while, I get stuck in a rut
and the light of motherhood seems to be dimmed.
Often this phase starts with me feeling overwhelmed.
Once I explained to Sam that I felt like my goal was to get to the bottom of a swimming pool,
and I used to be only a foot under a water but the water was only 8 feet deep
whereas I had progressed to be 4 feet under water but the water was now 20 feet deep.
In other words,
I was making progress as a mother,
but not as quickly as the needs were growing.

And when those overwhelming feelings mount up,
all of a sudden motherhood isn't so enjoyable.
I long to curl up in a corner with a good book and hide away for a day or two,
but instead there are constantly hungry mouths to feed,
pots and pans strewn about I'm tripping over,
and stinky diapers needing to be changed.

Motherhood, by nature, demands selflessness,
which is one big reason it is such a sanctifying role.

When I'm stuck in a mothering rut,
I find myself praying, napping, listening to uplifting music, spending more time in the scriptures, reading old blog posts, striving to find joy in small moments with the children, and reading talks like this.
And eating chocolate.
And ice cream.

How do YOU get out of a rut?

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