Thursday, July 6, 2017

Settling In

The last few weeks were even more of a whirlwind than I anticipated...
between packing, two family reunions (including a camping trip right before our move), cleaning our old house, moving into our new house, hosting guests at our new house two days after our arrival, and multiple days filled with activities with extended family members who were visiting,
it's little wonder I'm essentially a zombie now.

But I think things will settle down now--at least a little bit--so I can finally get my feet under me,
finish unpacking,
and turn this house into a home.
Funny thing, though, this house actually felt like "home" from the moment I walked inside to look at it.
It definitely has its quirks and annoyances, as most houses do,
and the yard needs a lot of work...
but for whatever reason it has always felt like home.

On Sunday we walked into Church in our new ward and sat down,
and as the chapel filled up Sam and I were amazed by the number of people who came over to meet us and introduce themselves. Seriously, like 5-10 people came over to meet us before the meeting even started! And then the boys were greeted by a Primary leader seconds after we said "Amen" at the end of the closing prayer and she immediately took us around to show us where their classes would be.
The Relief Society president gave me a big hug and told me so sincerely that they were so incredibly grateful we had moved in.
I felt so at peace as we were surrounded by some of the friendliest people on the planet.
We sang "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" for the opening song,
and as we sang "I love thy rocks and rills, thy woods and templed hills,"
my heart was full to the bursting as I considered the rocky hills that rise up from our new home
and the woods adjacent to our home that sink down to a hollow below.

We love it here.

The boys exploring the woods attached to our yard--
Tonight our neighbor told us that deer regularly visit the woods and that we'll see them often!
(In addition to skunks, raccoons, mice, rats, and occasional snakes...)

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