Friday, July 21, 2017


When we first found out in early June that we needed to move,
I was okay with everything
leaving our garden.

It was our very first year planting a garden,
and it was thriving.
Each morning the boys would excitedly check on our plants
and sometimes they would burst through the door with excitement:
"Mom! MOM!!! The spaghetti squash has a FLOWER!"
We were so excited to harvest our little garden.

And then we moved.

Our new home had been sitting vacant through the Winter and Spring,
so the yard needed quite a bit of work.
Tall, dead weeds filled garden beds,
sections of the yard were either dead or overgrown,
and bugs and spiders had infested everything.

One of the first Saturdays we were here,
Sam and I were out working in the yard, clearing out the garden beds.
And I was beyond excited when I discovered that the previous owners had planted tomatoes last Summer and then the old plants had been left, the tomatoes had dropped down and shriveled up...
and volunteer plants were growing tall in the midst of the crazy weed growth!
I cleared things out around them and chose the strongest plants to remain,
and our first little green tomatoes have made their appearance.

As if that wasn't enough, though,
one evening when Sam was out of town I was wandering around the front yard and went around to the side of the house to look the plants over more carefully and discovered
a big, thornless, beautiful blackberry bush I hadn't seen before!
And despite the fact that no one had been taking care of it all year,
it was totally loaded with blackberries that were almost ripe.
My day was completely made.

They were still a bit tart when Maxwell tried them for the first time
(classic faces!)
but now they have ripened beautifully and he thoroughly enjoys them.
We are so excited to make a blackberry pie and serve it with vanilla bean ice cream this weekend.

PS-I promise I love Wesley too,
but he isn't a fan of berries so he didn't stop riding his bike to come over.

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