Monday, July 17, 2017

A Tender Mercy

The boys have been champs about this move.
They have been enjoying our new home but also have times of sadness when they miss elements of what we left behind.
Talmage in particular has been a bit sad about leaving his old school.
Before we moved, as he was feeling really sad about not seeing his friends anymore,
he offered a heartfelt prayer that he would be able to see his friends again.

I was surprised and happy when, on our first Sunday in our new ward,
I saw some of his school friends in the hall of the church building.
Since we live in a totally different city, I didn't think any congregations from our old school boundaries would attend this building.
Come to find out, for some reason there wasn't room for their ward in any nearby buildings
so they were assigned to a building a few miles away.

Which just happens to be our building.

Talmage was so thrilled to see some school friends!
"Wow...just one little prayer!" he commented.
But I know God is aware of the desires of a 7-year-old boy
and I'm constantly amazed by the ways we see His hand in our lives.

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