Friday, June 9, 2017

In Defense of Fresh Flowers

These beauties have been brightening my kitchen this week.
Last Saturday Sam brought me roses from his mom's garden after he mowed her lawn,
and then later that day I held my piano recital and my students showered me with flowers and cards.

I've often heard the argument that it's pointless to spend money on flowers bouquets
because they will just die.
To that I ask...
-would you say the same thing about getting a pet? It's pointless because it will just die?
-would you argue that you shouldn't spend money on a vacation because you will just have to come home?
-would you say that you shouldn't enjoy a meal at a favorite restaurant because it will just be eaten?

To me, the beauty of flowers is not about how long they will last...
it's about the enjoyment and beauty they bring to my home during their short lives.
And then I get to rejoice in the memory of them
and appreciate the sentiments of the giver that accompanied them.

1 comment:

  1. I totally agree 100%. I seldom ever get flowers, but when I do, I cherish them so much. My visiting teacher brought by some beautiful flowers after my surgery. I sat them on the desk in my room in front of the patio door. My computer is on the desk so I was able to take in their beauty and think of the beautiful sister that bought them for me for a couple of weeks. They lasted longer than any I have ever received. FYI, she got them at Sam's. Flowers remind me of the multitude of God's creations; and how many different cultures there are that bring their different styles to the world around us. I wish we could all enjoy, and bask in the beauty of those differences, as we do flowers, rather than fight over them. Your flowers are so very beautiful, Kaitlyn.


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