Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Another First, Another Last

My boy hasn't changed too much this year,
although his new front teeth make him look more mature!

It was a great school year.
I really liked his teacher for him--she loved all the kids so much and knew just how to challenge them, how to maintain control, and how to encourage their best work.

Some highlights from first grade:
-field trips to the farm and Red Butte Garden
-monthly trips to the assisted living center to read
-art night (the cutest thing where we got to come to the school and see a gallery of art they had done in the styles of different artists...the kids were the guides and walked us through the gallery, telling us brief biographical sketches of the artists while classical music played and classy refreshments were served!)
-making gifts for parents out of clay
-teddy bear picnic and field day
-participating in SEM
-class plays
-first grade patriotic program (which had me on the verge of tears as all the first-graders sang the anthems of all the branches of the military along with many other patriotic songs, ending with "God Bless America")
-fairy tale Fridays

I'm so grateful for the opportunities he had to grow this year.
I have seen so much good come from his time away,
but I'm sure glad to have a few months now to have him home!

1 comment:

  1. I feel like he looks more like Sam in his end of year picture. He's always looked like Sam but even more so lately I've noticed.


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