Tuesday, May 16, 2017


We finally decided to put in a garden this year.
We have dreams of having a huge garden and lots of fruit trees in the near future,
but I questioned the reality of it when I kept killing houseplants.
After we planted our seeds,
I waited anxiously to see if anything would result.
And when those first sprouts popped their heads above the dirt,
I was ridiculously excited.

The boys were, too.
Each morning
as we check their progress,
they ooh and aah and exclaim excitedly over their growth.
Our zucchini was about 8 inches high after only a couple of weeks!

We're hoping Utah weather is warm enough
to allow us to transplant them this weekend.

I can't get over how miraculous the whole process is.
Plants are composed mostly of carbon,
which they get from the air--
isn't it amazing how they can take what would be toxic to us
and turn it into something we can survive on?

So far, I've loved working on these plants with the boys.
It's teaching them work, patience, and lots of life lessons.
Here's hoping we get a good harvest in a few months!

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