Thursday, May 4, 2017

Picture Perfect

Back in the Fall, I made a big board from an old pallet
where we could hang pictures.
I thought it would be a fun way to review memories
and a good conversation starter during meals.
It hung that way for several months...I switched out the pictures for Winter,
and everything was fine and dandy until I started getting a little bit dissatisfied with our home.
It's just not a reflection of me, you know?
The owners had it decorated beautifully when they lived here,
but their bold paint colors don't resonate with me...I'm more of a bright, airy, neutral kind of gal.
I would ideally change the layout,
some of the fixtures are pretty outdated,
our dishwasher still isn't fixed after over a month,
and the linoleum in the bathroom is peeling up.

I know, I know, it all sounds terribly superficial to write it down...
and I don't want to sound ungrateful--truly, this house has been such a blessing for our family!
But I started looking at simple ways I could change things
to make our rental home look a little more like the gorgeous homes in magazines and home improvement shows.

So I took down the pictures and hung a wreath on the board.
Things were simplified and streamlined, and less overwhelming and more neutral.
The rustic vibe of the pallet wood was tempered and modernized.

And then I went over to our neighbor's house.
And I looked at her walls which displayed children's art, inspirational quotes, and pictures of apostles above the kitchen table.
Norman Rockwell paintings adorned the wall at the bottom of the stairs, leading the way into the busy playroom.
I admired the family mementos that filled shelves and gave me a glimpse into their beautiful lives.
I walked outside and saw toys scattered around the yard,
a line along the fence that was completely devoid of grass because the dog likes running back and forth with the neighbor's dog,
a trampoline and a swingset and a garden and a deck under construction.

And I walked away from her home feeling like life was full of sunshine.
I had happy children who had just played freely
and a heart that was re-focused on proper priorities.
So I printed some Spring pictures and some Spring-y looking quotes
and put the twine and clothespins back up.
And that night, around the dinner table, we reminisced once again and discussed the new quotes
and reflected on our joyful memories.

Sometimes perfect isn't picture perfect.

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