Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

We had such a lovely Memorial Day together as a family.
We headed up to a small town in Northern Utah to visit the graves of several of my ancestors. One of them was quite prominent in early Church history--he even dedicated one of the cornerstones of the Salt Lake temple! It was fun to meet some other descendants who were there putting flowers on the same graves. It just so happened that the woman I spoke with was in my late grandparents' ward in Idaho, but they never knew they shared a common ancestor!
We visited some others in a different part of the cemetery.
My eyes misted over when I read the inscription on the headstone of my distant uncle, who died when he was just a month old--
"Only hidden from our gaze."

The boys loved visiting the graves.
I expected them to tolerate it, but they thought it was the coolest thing. I shared some stories with them on our way up, and they loved feeling how peaceful that small-town cemetery is.

Then we headed down the road to a local Amish Market.
Once again, the boys just loved it!
A highlight was a bank that was hiding a fake spider that would jump out at you when you slid back the lid.
When it first jumped on Talmage's face, the boys laughed hysterically for several minutes.
We bought lunch here and wandered around the store, taking in the sights.
On our way home Wesley said we should work on going to that store more than Smith's...if only!

After an afternoon of some work around the house,
Sam, Talmage, and Wesley headed to our church building to play basketball with his brothers and a friend.
Those who know best say he's still an amazing basketball player--I love having opportunities to watch him!
But I stayed at home with Lincoln and Maxwell and prepared dinner for everyone.
After a couple of hours, they came to the house and we had another birthday celebration for Sam with cilantro-lime chicken quesadillas, chips and pico de gallo, lemon-broccoli bowtie pasta, watermelon, and peanut butter oreo ice cream pie. I think food is his love language...
I love how excited he gets over the meals I make him.
Sam and his brother played ping-pong while his brother's wife and I talked pregnancy--they are expecting a baby boy this Fall! That makes 100% boys for the boys in Sam's family!

All in all, it was a beautiful, peaceful day.
I'm so glad we had the chance to celebrate our ancestors and teach our boys to love and honor them.

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