Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Early Presents

Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
Maybe I was just sleep deprived.
Maybe it was because a stomach bug has been circling around the family and I had 3 nights in a row where a child had thrown up in the night all over his bedding.
And then Talmage threw up at school yesterday, though he hadn't been sick up to that point.
Maybe it was because the basement had a minor flood over the weekend--
and then the toilet overflowed last night.
Maybe it was due to the challenges I've had lately dealing with administrative issues.
Maybe it was because I was falling prey to the monster of comparison.
Or maybe it was just a rough day.

In any case, we had a pretty blah day as I fought to not snap at people,
I helped Talmage as he stayed home from school sick,
we all sat around stewing,
and Maxwell fell down the stairs (tears!).

After laying Lincoln and Maxwell down for naps,
I decided to take a nap as well.
Talmage and Wesley were playing contentedly in the backyard,
so I figured I would treat my exhaustion and grumpiness with some extra rest.
I woke up after a strange dream and lay on the bed in a haze for a while
before getting up and reading scriptures.

And as I read, one by one the boys came into our room.

Lincoln was first.
He popped in excitedly after waking up from his nap.
His brothers were working on a project at the kitchen table, and he gave me a hug and then drew some pictures in my study notebook for me.

Wesley was next.
He walked into our room with a smile on his face, his hands tucked secretively behind his back.
He told me he had a present for me.
"Should I give it to you now, or should I wait until Mothers' Day? he asked.
I told him I'd love to see it now, and he presented me with a heart he had cut out of paper,
"I LOVE YOU" scrawled across the top.
I gushed over his work enthusiastically,
and then he ran out of the room and came back with a tall glass of cold water for me
and wrapped a blanket around me and cuddled up next to me as I continued to read.
Lincoln had to follow suit and quickly filled another cup with water for me.

Finally, Talmage came walking in with an empty cereal box, "Happy Mothers' Day!" written on the outside.
He told me there was a gift inside,
and I discovered a necklace he had made by stretching out cotton balls and attaching a paper heart.

My sweet little boys lifted me from the depths of discouragement
and selflessly showered me with kindness,
even though I had been struggling to be kind, myself.

I have so much to learn from these little people.

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