Sunday, April 23, 2017

Papa Wes

I'm the 4th child in my family, and the 2nd child (my sister, Jocilyn) was about 4 years older than me.
She was a miniature mom, and as a toddler I referred to her as "Mama-Joc."
It's interesting to me that our 2nd child is now so smitten with our 4th child and is always toting him around, making him laugh when he's fussy, and saving him from danger. Maybe we should start calling him "Papa-Wes."

The other day we were out running some errands.
As we walked out of one store, Maxwell reached up and grabbed the receipt.
I didn't think anything of it as he shook it around and crumpled it up.
A few minutes later, we were on the freeway and I heard that terrifying sound of a baby choking.
I knew instantly that he had chewed off a chunk of the receipt and was now gagging on it.
Wesley, who was sitting next to him, began to panic and wanted to get it out of his mouth, but I felt that the risk was too high of his 5-year-old finger pushing it further down Maxwell's throat.
"Don't get it out!!!" I exclaimed, my mind racing.
Wesley began to cry with fear and worry.
Thankfully, Maxwell's choking stopped and a freeway exit was just a few hundred yards ahead.
I quickly exited, pulled into a gas station parking lot, hopped out of the car, and removed the paper wad from his mouth.
As I closed the driver's side door, relief washing over me, I told the boys,
"Let's say a prayer and thank Heavenly Father that Maxwell didn't choke."
"Can I say it???" Wesley asked.
And so he voiced the gratitude we all felt, and we continued on our way.
It was a terrifying moment, and both heartbreaking and incredibly sweet to see Wesley's reaction.
Maxwell is one lucky boy to have this big brother.


  1. That is a horrifying thing to happen. Just reading about it scared me. Poor Wesley, I can only imagine his fear as he sat there watching, helplessly. For you, trying to drive while it was going on was a miracle all in itself. I thank Heavenly Father that Maxwell didn't choke and it all turned out alright. As I look at the picture, with Maxwell looking at the camera with his big beautiful smile, I think, " Is he just a ham or are those smiles for mommy?" So precious...

    1. Yes, it was terrifying! Maxwell is pretty long as he is being played with. He can be pretty high maintenance, but he's so fun to play with that it's not a bad deal! :)


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