Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Easter Symbol Dinner

For years now, I've been wanting to do more to celebrate Easter.
The meaning of the holiday is so significant, but I feel like most of the Easter activities out there, although fun, aren't as faith-promoting as I want them to be.

I'm still working out the details of the experiences I hope to create...
I have plans to start a collection of Easter music that we only listen to in the weeks preceding Easter,
and someday we will grow Easter lilies (my favorite, and the main flowers in my wedding bouquet!)
and fill the house with vases of them at Easter time.
We've enjoyed making "empty tomb cookies" and sharing the Easter story in Easter eggs in the past.
I also have plans for an Easter morning sunrise devotional tradition, but we haven't started that tradition just yet.

And so, despite my good intentions, this year Easter came and went with minimal celebrations at our house.
Each night during the week before Easter,
we read from the scriptures about what Christ did during the last week of His life.
On Saturday morning, the kids found their Easter baskets,
and that evening we had a special "Easter symbol dinner."
I had the kids remove their shoes, and we ate from all-white dishes.
Our food, although not really traditional Middle Eastern food, was simple to symbolize Christ's humility.
We drank grape juice and ate pita bread, honey, fruit, cheese, and avocado-tomato salad.
We lit 3 dozen tea lights and ate with the lights off, the flickering flames adding a sacred feeling to the meal.
We sang an Easter song before we began, and then we prayed and read about the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
We talked about His miracles and the kids pointed out as many symbols as they could find in our dinner.
The next morning, the boys and I made "Resurrection Rolls," and while they baked we read some Easter storybooks.
Then, as they ate their rolls, we talked about their symbols and read about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Later in the day, we had a nice Easter dinner with family and the boys got to participate in Easter egg hunts their grandma and aunt put together, which they loved.

I think our simple, reverent dinner was my favorite part of the weekend.
I'd welcome any ideas for additional sacred Easter traditions!


  1. One of my old professors has a lot of ideas on his blog, starting with Lent and going through Holy Week. Here's the post for Easter: http://huntsmanseasonal.blogspot.com/2017/04/easter-or-resurrection-sunday.html


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